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INVITED GUESTS CONTINUED: Mr. William Hines, Vice President National Space Club Mr. Joseph Ryan, Vice President National Space Club

At the conclusion of the introduction Mr. Murray will ask you to present the Robert H. Goddard Memorial Trophy to Captain James Lovell, U. S. N. who will receive it on behalf of the three Apollo 8 Astronauts. (Col. Frank Borman, U. S. A. F., and Lt. Col. William A. Anders, U. S. A. F., were precluded from. attending by their duties in connection with the Apollo 9 mission).

The Goddard Trophy will be located on a small table directly in front of the single stand-up microphone which will be provided for your remarks.

The trophy, donated by Mrs. Robert H. Goddard, is a bust of Dr. Goddard which is given each year to the person or persons selected for great achievement to advance space flight programs contributing to United States leadership in Astronautics.