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The White House
President Richard Nixon's Daily Diary
(See Travel Record for Travel Activity)
Place Day Began Date (Mo. Day. Yr.) 
February 13, 1969
12:16 p.m.Thursday


In Out Lo LD
12:16 12:20

The President met with Dwight L. Chapin.

12:20 12:30

The President met with Rose MaryWoods and then escorted her to the Mansion.

1:23 R

The President received a long distance call from Henry Sobel in New York City. Nellie L. Yates took the call.


The President returned to his office and met with Lee A. DuBridge.

2:04 3:18

The President,accompanied by Lee A. DuBridge, attended the meeting of the National Science Board in the Cabinet Room. For a list of those present, see APPENDIX "B".

3:17 3:18 P

The President talked with the First Lady.

3:21 3:29

The President met with the recipients of the Arthur S. Fleming Awards in his office. For Scenario, see APPENDIX "C".

3:29 3:34

The President met with Arthur S. Flemming who remained in the office following the award ceremony.

4:15 4:55

The President met with:

Henry A. Kissinger
H. R. Haldeman
4:59 5:10

The President met with Lee A. DuBridge.

5:11 5:33

The President met with:

Charles B. Wikinson
Arnold Palmer
Bart Starr
Al Kaline
6:00 6:02

The President met with:

Henry A. Kissinger
6:00 6:22
Clare B. Luce
6:23 R

The President received a call from William P. Rogers. The call was not completed.