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Silver Imports. — During the fiscal year there were imported 4,411,528 ounces of foreign silver bullion, of the commercial value of $2,566,338, of which $2,333,823 came from Mexico, $226,292 from Honduras, and the remainder from various countries. The imports of foreign silver coin amounted to $7,615,826, of which $6,199,203 came from Mexico, and the remainder principally from the West Indies and Central and South America. Foreign silver ore of the value of $230,789 was imported, of which amount $194,228 came from Mexico, and the balance from Peru and Colombia. Silver coins of the United States were returned to this country amount- ing to $148,410, of which amount $68,049 were returned from Canada, $51,235 from Central America, $13,485 from the West Indies, $3554 from South America, and the remainder from various countries. The invoiced value of silver contained in copper matte, lead bullion, and silver-lead ore imported was $20,368,088, received principally from British Columbia and Mexico. The value of the total silver imports into the United States during the fiscal year 1898 was as follows :

Items Value Foreign bullion (commercial value) .... Foreign coin Foreign ores (commercial value) .... Silver in copper matte .... $59,684 Silver in lead bullion .... 12,790,554 Silver in silver-lead ore .... 7,517,850 Total foreign bullion United States coin Total silver imports $2,566,338 7,615,826 230,789 20,368,088 $30,781,041 148,410 $30,929,451

Silver Exports. — Domestic silver bullion bearing the stamp of a United States mint or assay office, containing 375,523 ounces, of the value of $21 1,948, was exported ; .$176,711 of this amount went to Mexico and the re- mainder to England and Canada. Other silver bullion, containing 82,796,775 ounces, of the invoiced value of $47,342,174, was exported, $41,002,577 of which went to England, $2,115,880 to Hongkong, $1,417,588 to the British East Indies, $1,062,250 to France, $928,066 to Mexico, and the remainder to various other countries. Domestic silver coins of the value of $112,201 were exported, $75,000 of which went to the Hawaiian Islands, $23,108 to British Columbia, and the remainder to Canada and the British West Indies. The following table shows the silver exports from the United States during the fiscal year 1898 :