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Bureaus of Labor and Labor Statistics These offices, organized by law for the purpose of collecting, classifying, and publishing data relative to social and industrial conditions, exist in the following-named States : California, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Connecticut, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Missouri, Rhode Island, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, Virginia, Kansas, New Jersey, Washington, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Maine, New York, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, United States. The titles of the heads of the foregoing offices vary in form, but they are usually known as commissioners or chiefs of bureaus. Any commu- nication, however, addressed "Commissioner of Labor," at the capitals of the States named, would reach the proper officer. State Finances The revenues required for the administration of the separate States are derived from direct taxation, chiefly in the form of a tax on property real and personal ; and the greater part of such revenue is collected and expended by the local authorities, county, township, or school district. According to census returns of 1890 the total assessed value of property taxed was $25,473,173,418, and the ad valorem taxa- tion in 1890 amounted to $470,651,927, as follows : For General Purposes : State $48,556,597 County 94,629,410 Minor divisions 202,297,786 For Schools : State 22,079,350 Counties and minor divisions .... 10:n088,784 Total $470,651, 927 The total State, county, municipal, and school district in- debtedness, less the sinking fund in each case, in 1880 and 1890, were:

Year State Debt County Debt Municipal Debt School District Debt Total Debt Debt per Head of Popula- tion 1880 . . . 1890 . . . Dollars 297,244,094 22S,997,3S5 Doll a r.1 124,105,027 145,19S,95r) Doll am 684,848,843 724,4r>;3,583 Dot lavs 17.5s0.r,82 3r>,701,948 Dollars 1,123,278,646 1,135,351,871 Dollars 22.40 18.13

The annual interest charge on the State and local bonded debt combined was, in 1890, $65,541,776; in 1880 it was $68,935,807.