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to hash, 167
to pot, 168
to braise, 171
en daube, ib.
Heart, bullock's, to roast, 71
Heart, calf's, to roast, ib.
sheep's, to roast, ib.
calf's and sheep's, to dress, 152
Herrings, to fry, 123
to boil, 124
to bake, ib.
to pickle, ib.
to broil, ib.
Indian corn pudding, 251
mush, 256
hommony, ib.
polenta, 257
biscuits, 277
Irish stew, 140
Jointing, observations and directions relating to, 44, 45, 46
Kale, to boil, 215
Kidney, to broil, 84
to dress, 160
Kitchen, directions for arranging of the, 35
Knives, to clean, 22
Lamb, to carve, 49
to boil, 62
to roast, 74
chops, to broil, 84
to fry, 88
to dress, 160
leg of, with vegetables, 162
breast of, to stew, ib.
cutlets and steaks, 163
shoulder of, stuffed, ib.
head, ib.
fricassee, ib.
sweetbreads, 164
curry of, 177
Lard, directions to, 134
Larks, to roast, 79
Laver, to dress, 224
Lentils, to boil, 223
Lettuce, to stew, 222
Liver, to fry, 90
Lobster, to boil, 128
to eat hot, 129
to pot, ib.
Maccaroni, to dress, 186
paste, to make, 231
pie, 233
Mackerel, to boil, 124
to broil, 123
to bake, 124
to pickle, ib.
Maids, to boil, 122
Marrow, vegetable, to boil, 222
to stuff, ib.
Meat, the season for, 30
to preserve, 23
to salt, 24
Mutton, to joint, 45
to carve, 48
to salt and smoke, 28
leg of, to boil, 61
neck of, to do., 62
leg of, to roast, 70
loin of, to do., ib.
haunch of, to do., ib.
to dress as venison, 71
saddle of, 70
shoulder of, ib.
chops, to broil, 84
to fry, 88
to haricot, 157
leg of, with carrots, 158
loin of, to roll or stew, ib.
shoulder of, 159
breast of, to grill, ib.
neck of, to stew, ib.
kidneys, to dress, 160
chops and collops, ib.
cutlets à la maintenon, 161
to hash, ib.
hunters' pie, ib.
Morels, to stew, 220
Mushrooms, to stew, ib.
Omelets, 181
Onions, to dress, 220
Ortolan, to roast, 78