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Ox cheek, to bake, 82
to stew, 139
palates, ib.
to pickle, ib.
tails, to stew, 140
Oysters, to stew, 132
to keep, 133

INDEX (contd).

Pain Perdu, to make, 267
Pancakes, to make, 266
whole rice, ib.
ground rice, ib.
Parsley, to fry, 91
Partridge, to truss and carve, 58
to roast, 77
to broil, 86
to stew, 172
Parsnips, to boil, 219
Pastry, general directions for making, 227
glazing for, 228
iceing for, ib.
Paste, plain, for meat pies, 227
richer, ib.
elegant, ib.
a flaky, 229
puff, ib.
crisp, ib.
good light, ib.
short, ib.
for preserved fruits, 230
raised, for meat pies, ib.
rice, ib.
maccaroni, ib.
for patties, 239
for puddings, 246
Patties, to make, 239
chicken, turkey and ham, veal, 240
rabbit and hare, ib.
beef, ib.
oyster, ib.
lobster and shrimp, 241
Peas, to boil, 217
Perch, to fry, 123
to stew, 124
Pheasant, to truss and carve, 58
to roast, 77
Pickles, observations on the making of, 318
Pickle, walnuts to, 319
gherkins, 320
onions, ib.
cucumbers and onions, 321
cabbage, red, ib.
mangoes, melon, ib.
beet root, ib.
mushrooms, 322
India, ib.
lemons, 323
cauliflower and brocoli, ib.
Pie, meat, 231
venison, ib.
beefsteak, 232
pork, ib.
sausage, ib.
mutton, 233
lamb, ib.
veal, ib.
maccaroni, ib.
calf's head, 234
sweetbread, ib.
pigeon, rook, or moor-fowl, ib.
hare, 235
chicken, ib.
rabbit, ib.
goose, ib.
giblet, 236
partridge or perigord, ib.
pheasant, ib.
a sea, 237
parsley, ib.
herb, ib.
fish, ib.
lobster, 238
herring, eel, mackerel, ib.
shrimp or prawn, 239
salt fish, ib.
rhubarb, 241
gooseberry, or green currant, 241
green apricot, ib.
apple, ib.
codling, ib.
cranberry, ib.
of preserved fruits, ib.
small puffs, ib.
Spanish puffs, 243
apple, ib.