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As a protest against the policy of Repression pursued by the Government in other parts of India and in this province I feel bound to relinguish my title of C.I.E. and to resign my seat in the Legislative Council of Madras as representing the University, as a Nationalist, following Moderate methods of activity and believing that unity is the sole method of achieving immediate and full Dominion Status which is the object of all Nationalists. I have difference and I still differ from Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress as regards the programme of boycott of schools, Courts and Councils and their adoption A Civil Disobedience, but this policy of repression directed against the Indian National Congress and its leaders and workers and the extention of the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1908 to the Madras province are in my humble judgment such an unconstitutional interference with the liberty of citizens as to compel Nationalists like me to enter my protest. I hope the Graduates of the University to whom I shall always be grateful for the overwhelming majority of votes they gave me will approve my