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will be long and arduous. If soul-force counts for anything in the world, the victory is ours.

The Congress has decided that a Hartal should be observed in Calcutta on the 24th of December. In this no insult is intended to the Prince. I, as a mother should be the last person to hurt the feelings of one so young and tender, and also brave. But the nation has decided that it is unable to extend to the Prince any welcome as a nation. It is your solemn duty to observe the Hartal. But remember that the Hartal is an expression of our natural mourning. Observe it in a spirit of reverence and humility, above all, non-violence.

To you, my younger brothers and sisters, I say: you are your Mother's hope, her pride, her joy. March onward to victory and to glory. Dec. 16, 1921.