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non-co-operation will be at an end; for, the cessation of repression will spell the defeat and abdication of the Reformed Government of India it will spell Swaraj. It were therefore, rank hypocrisy in nationalists to protest ever so faintly against repression, or indeed to do anything but welcome it. It is a signpost on the pilgrims' road to Swaraj telling them that the journey's end is in sight. The nation most emphatically does not desire the release of those leaders who have been imprisoned; nor do the leaders themselves wish this until such release comes automatically with the abdication of the Reformed Government of India in favour of a Swaraj Government. The most dangerous opponents of Indian national freedom are not those Governors who like Lord Ronaldshay are filling the gaols with non-co-operators, but those Satraps who like Sir George Lloyd of Bombay, are resisting the temptation to play into Mahatma Gandhi's and the nation's hands. But eventually even the Government of Madras and Bombay will be compelled by the people to follow the example and policy of the Government of Bengal, the United Provinces and the Punjab. Their only alternative will be unconditional surrender to, and in favour of provin-