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336 THE MASK OF ANARCHY With a pace stately and fast, Over English land he passed. Trampling to a mire of blood The adoring multitude. XI And a mighty troop around, With their trampling shook ground, Waving each a bloody sword, For the service of their Lord. 40 the 45 And with glorious triumph, they Rode through England proud and ,§ a y' . , . . . Drunk as with intoxication Of the wine of desolation. O'er fields and towns, from sea to sea, 50 Passed the Pageant swift and free, Tearing up. and trampling down ; Till they came to London town. XIV And each dweller, panic-stricken, Felt his heart with terror sicken 55 Hearing the tempestuous cry Of the triumph of Anarchy. XV For with pomp to meet him came, Clothed in arms like blood and flame. The hired murderers, who did sing 60 ' Thou art God, and Law, and King. Like a bad prayer not over loud, Whispering— ' Thou art Law and God. ? — XVIII Then all cried with one accord, 7° 4 Thou art King, and God, and Lord ; Anarchy, to thee we bow, Be thy name made holy now ! ' XIX And Anarchy, the Skeleton, Bowed and grinned to every one, 75 As well as if his education Had cost ten millions to the nation. xx For he knew the Palaces Of our Kings were rightly his ; His the sceptre, crown, and globe, 80 And the gold-inwoven robe. XXI So he sent his slaves before To seize upon the Bank and Tower, And was proceeding with intent To meet his pensioned Parliament 85 XXII When one fled past, a maniac maid, And her name was Hope, she said : But she looked more like Despair, And she cried out in the air : XXIII ' My father Time is weak and gray 90 With waiting for a better day ; See how idiot-like he stands, Fumbling with his palsied hands ! XXIV ' He has had child after child. And the dust of death is piled Over every one but me — 95 ' We have waited, weak and lone For thy coming, Mighty One ! Our purses are empty, our swords j Misery, on, Misery ! ' are cold, Give us glory, and blood, and gold.' 65 _, , . J » e Then she lay down in the street, xvn Right before the horses' feet, Lawyers and priests, a motley crowd. Expecting, with a patient eye, 100 To the earth their pale brows bowed ; Murder, Fraud, and Anarchy. 51 the Hunt MS., ed. 1S32 ; that Wise MS. 56 tempestuous] tremendous edd. 1839 only. 58 For with pomp] For from . . . Hunt MS., Wise MS. 71 God] Law edd. 1S39 only. 79 rightly Wise MS.; nightly Hunt MS., edd. 1882, 1839.

93 Fumbling] Trembling edd. 1839 only.