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PASCHAL, JOHN (d. 1361), bishop of Llandaff, was a native of Suffolk who became a Carmelite friar at Ipswich. He was sent to study at Cambridge, where he was said to have graduated D.D. in 1333 (Harl. MS. 3838, f. 74 a). Afterwards he returned to Ipswich; there he attracted the attention of William Bateman [q. v.] who, after his elevation to the see of Norwich, procured from the pope in 1344 the consecration of Paschal as bishop of Scutari. He consecrated the churchyard of the Carmelites at Norwich in 1344 (Blomefield, Hist. of Norfolk, iv. 422), and acted as Bateman's suffragan till 3 June 1347, when he was designated bishop of Llandaff. He received the temporalities on 4 July. In 1348 Paschal dedicated the church of Cliffe at Hoo, Kent (Archæologia Cantiana, xv. 227). He died on 11 Oct. 1361, according to some accounts at Biston, or according to others at Llandaff, and was buried in his cathedral. There is some uncertainty as to the identity of the bishops of Scutari and Llandaff; the former is sometimes called Thomas, but Birchington (Wharton, Anglia Sacra, i. 45) calls the Bishop of Llandaff by this name. Paschal is said to have written: 1. ‘Homeliæ lxviii de Sanctis’ (in MS. Reg. 7 B. 1 in the British Museum, a copy written by Arnold de Zutphen in the fifteenth century). 2. ‘Homeliæ lxvii de Tempore.’ 3. ‘Conciones.’ 4. ‘De Christi Passione.’ 5. ‘Lecturæ Scripturarum.’ 6. ‘Disputationes.’

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