Popular Science Monthly/Volume 27

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Table of Contents

May 1885

Our Recent Debts to Vivisection 1
Can Man Be Modified by Selection? 15
Cholera IV 25
Methods of Teaching Political Economy 31
Lost Colonies of Northmen and Portuguese 40
Religion Without Dogma 51
A Scientific View of the Coal Question 63
The Nervous System and Consciousness II 66
Arctic Exploration and its Object 78
The Chemistry of Cookery XXIII 81
Pasteur's Researches in Germ-Life 86
Training in Ethical Science 96
A Very Old Master 103
Sketch of M. Pierre E. Berthelot 113
Correspondence 117
Editor's Table 118
Literary Notices 122
Popular Miscellany 132
Notes 143

June 1885

Are We to Become Africanized? 145
The Nervous System and Consciousness III 150
The State versus the Man 165
A Rejoinder to M de Laveleye 188
Whales, Past and Present 195
The Fuel of the Future 207
Use of Sulphurous Disinfectants 218
The Mediterranean of Canada 222
The Ways of Monkeys 234
Moths and Moth-Catchers I 246
Concerning Kerosene 252
The Chemistry of Cookery XXIV 259
Sketch of Dr. Alfred E. Brehm 263
Editor's Table 268
Literary Notices 272
Popular Miscellany 282
Notes 287

July 1885

A Great Winter Sanitarium for the American Continent 289
Recent Progress in Aerial Navigation 296
Archaeological Frauds 308
Railroads, Telegraphs, and Civilization 311
Diet in Relation to Age and Activity I 322
An Experience with Opium 334
Some Self-Made Astronomers 340
On Leaves I 344
Earthquake Phenomena 356
Curiosities of Star-Fish Life 360
Ethics and the Development Theory 368
Moths and Moth-Catchers II 377
Hygiene of the Aged 389
The Oldest Air-Breathers 395
Sketch of Professor S. P. Langley 401
Editor's Table 410
Literary Notices 415
Popular Miscellany 423
Notes 432

August 1885

Concerning the Suppressed Book 433
Genius and Insanity 447
An Experiment in Primary Education I 468
On Leaves II 479
The Future of National Banking 491
The Mechanics of Hanging 503
Diet in Relation to Age and Activity II 509
Building and Ornamental Stones of the United States 520
The Darwin Memorial 532
Modern Bronzes 536
Measures of Vital Tenacity 541
Curiosities of Time-Reckoning 544
Sketch of M. Chevreul 548
Editor's Table 553
Literary Notices 556
Popular Miscellany 566
Notes 575

September 1885

The Relations of Railway Managers and Employees I 579
The Present Aspect of Medical Education 589
Insect Fertilization of Flowers 595
Origin of Man and Other Vertebrates 605
An Experiment in Primary Education II 614
The Fauna of the Sea-Shore 623
Siberia and the Exiles 625
How Spelling Damages the Mind 638
Sunlight and the Earth's Atmosphere 643
The Science of Morality 661
Recent Progress in Biology 664
The Primitive Ghost and his Relations 668
The Physiology of Colors 683
Sketch of Dr. Gustav Nachtigal 691
Correspondence and Editor's Table 696
Literary Notices 701
Popular Miscellany 712
Notes 719

October 1885

New Chapters in the Warfare of Science: Physical Sciences I 721
The White Ant: A Theory 735
The Early Study of Plants 750
On the Solar Corona 755
The Relations of Railway Managers and Employees II 768
Tommasi-Crudeli on Malarious Countries, and their Reclamation 785
The Energy of Life Evolution, and How it Has Acted 789
The Metaphysical Society 800
A Study of Recent Earthquakes 819
The Trading-Rat 831
Tissue-Selection in the Genesis of Disease 836
Sketch of Professor H. A. Newton 840
Editor's Table 844
Literary Notices 847
Popular Miscellany 856
Notes 863
Index 865