Popular Science Monthly/Volume 42

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Table of Contents
November 1892
Eurasia 1
The Natural or Scientific Method in Education 10
On Posture and its Indications 26
The Problems of Comparative Psychology 35
The Synthesis of Living Beings 49
Economical Trees 57
The Latest Arithmetical Prodigy 60
Reasoning Animals 71
Color in Flowering Plants 75
Modern Nervousness and its Cure 90
The First German Paper-Maker 94
Are Business Profits Too Large? 100
The Scientific Societies of Italy 107
Sketch of Henry Walter Bates 118
Correspondence 123
Editor's Table 124
Literary Notices 127
Publications Received 135
Popular Miscellany 136
Notes 143
December 1892
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science: Chemistry and Physics I 145
Modern Instances of Demoniacal Possession 159
Recent Glacial Discoveries in England 169
Canine Morals and Manners 171
Protective Devices and Coloration of Land Snails 187
The Environment of Grecian Culture 193
Prehistoric Cannibalism in America 203
Recent Applications of Paper 207
Deafness, and the Care of the Ears 211
The Symmetrical Development of our Young Women 217
Protective Inoculation for Cholera 223
Fallacies of Modern Economists 228
The Evolution of the Alphabet 243
To Tie a Rope of Sand 248
Nickel and its Uses 252
Sketch of George Frederick Wright 258
Editor's Table 263
Literary Notices 266
Publications Received 278
Popular Miscellany 279
Notes & Obituary Notes 288
January 1893
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science: Chemistry and Physics II 289
The Study of Man 303
Some Vegetable Malformations 318
Marriage and Kinship Among the Ancient Israelites 325
The Early Extirpation of Tumors 337
The Evolution of Civilization and the Arts 342
A Captive Comet 350
The Inventor of the Lightning-Rod 356
Genius and Suicide 361
Will the Coming Woman Lose her Hair? 370
The Problems of Anthropology 373
The Rotation of the Farm 377
The Logic of Organic Evolution 384
Profits of Legitimate Business Not Too Large 392
Totemism in the Evolution of Theology 395
Sketch of Lewis Morris Rutherfurd 404
Editor's Table 410
Literary Notices 414
Publications Received 419
Popular Miscellany 420
Notes 430
Obituary Notes 432
February 1893
The Development of American Industries Since Columbus: The Glass Industry I 433
Man in Nature 445
Birds of the Grass Lands 453
A Marine Biological Observatory 459
The Aesthetic Sense and Religious Sentiment in Animals 472
Science as a Factor in Agriculture 481
Habits of the Garter Snake 485
Ghost Worship and Tree Worship I 489
Number Forms 504
The Trepang 515
Science Teaching 520
Servility in Dress 530
Prehistoric Trepanning 535
The New Star in the Milky Way 542
The Discovery of the Sexuality of Plants 546
Sketch of Robert Boyle 548
Editor's Table 554
Literary Notices 557
Publications Received 567
Popular Miscellany 568
Notes 575
Obituary Notes 576
March 1893
The Development of American Industries Since Columbus: The Glass Industry II 577
Artesian Waters in the Arid Region 599
White Slaves and Bond Servants in the Plantations 612
The Decrease of Rural Population 621
An Agricultural Revolution 638
Ghost Worship and Tree Worship II 648
The Story of a Colony for Epileptics 663
The Brooklyn Ethical Association 671
Notes on Paleopathology 679
The Scheele Monument at Stockholm 685
East Central African Customs I 689
Sketch of Robert Hare 695
Correspondence 700
Editor's Table 701
Literary Notices 704
Publications Received 711
Popular Miscellany 712
Notes 718
Obituary Notes 720
April 1893
Science and the Colleges 721
The Festal Development of Art 734
The Correlation of Structure, Action, and Thought 749
Prof G F Wright and his Critics 764
The Maoris of New Zealand 781
Education of our Colored Citizens 789
The Inadequacy of Natural Selection I 799
Free Play in Physical Education 813
Conservation of the Mackerel Supply 821
Traces of a Vanished Industry 827
Ernest Renan 831
Editor's Table 841
Literary Notices 845
Publications Received 852
Popular Miscellany 853
Notes 863
Index 865