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584020Popular Science Monthly — Volume 531898

Table of Contents
May 1898
The Question of Wheat: Continental Europe: France II 1
The West Indian Bridge Between North and South America 10
Witchcraft in Bavaria 32
Kite-Flying in 1897 48
Principles of Taxation: Theory and Practice of Income Taxation XXVII 64
A Study of Snow Crystals 75
A Relic of Astrology 83
A Study of Children's Ideals 88
Man's Dependence on the Earth 99
Earliest Recollections 108
Sketch of Russell H. Chittenden 115
Correspondence 122
Editor's Table 123
Scientific Literature 127
General Notices 130
Publications Received 135
Fragments of Science 136
Minor Paragraphs 142
Notes 143
June 1898
The Philosophy of Manual Training I 145
A Cruise Among Haida and Tlingit Villages About Dixon's Entrance 163
Aspects of Nature in the African Sahara: A Summer Journey II 174
The Physiology of Strength and Endurance 187
The Secret of Atavism 192
Veracity 196
The Serpentlike Sea Saurians 209
Peace as a Factor in Social and Political Reform 225
Literature of the African Negroes 241
Scientific Instruction in Girls' Schools 246
The Roman Highways 255
Sketch of Andrew Crombie Ramsay 259
Editor's Table 267
Scientific Literature 273
General Notices 279
Fragments of Science 280
Minor Paragraphs 286
Notes 287
July 1898
The Evolution of Colonies: The Genesis of Colonies I 289
Weather Forecasts: the Manner of Making Them and their Practical Value 307
The Philosophy of Manual Training: The Methods of Manual Training II 322
Woodpeckers and their Ways 339
Saber-Toothed Cats 348
The Question of Wheat: Russia III 351
Eye Language 364
Principles of Taxation: Theory and Practice of Income Taxation XXVIII 372
Gerarde and the Gerardias: The Herbalist and his Namesakes 395
The Psychological Cause of Laughter 398
Sketch of Maria Agnesi 403
Correspondence 410
Editor's Table 411
Scientific Literature 416
General Notices 418
Publications Received 423
Fragments of Science 424
Minor Paragraphs 430
Notes 432
August 1898
Principles of Taxation: What Should Be Taxed, and How it Should Be Taxed XXIX 433
Some Uses of the Camera in Zoology 443
The Evolution of Colonies: Emigration II 452
The Aurora 467
Topographic Features Due to Landslides 480
The Philosophy of Manual Training: the Manual Training School III 490
Women in Science 506
The Romance of Race 511
Education for Domestic Life 521
Superstition and Magic in Cambodia 525
Training of Mentally Deficient Children 531
The Genealogy of Chemistry 535
The Life and Work of Felix Hoppe-Seyler 542
Editor's Table 553
Scientific Literature 558
General Notices 560
Publications Received 566
Fragments of Science 567
Minor Paragraphs 574
Notes 575
September 1898
Geological Water Ways Across Central America 577
Curiosities of American Coinage 593
The Nationalization of the Railroads in Switzerland 609
The Evolution of Colonies: Immigrants and Indigenes III 620
The Nation's Crisis 633
The Philosophy of Manual Training: The Results of Manual Training IV 638
The Case Moths 656
A Game of Hide and Seek 661
Christianized Megalithic Monuments 668
College Women and the New Science 674
Sketch of Charles Goodyear 690
Correspondence 701
Editor's Table 702
Scientific Literature 708
General Notices 710
Publications Received 713
Fragments of Science 714
Minor Paragraphs 719
Notes 720
October 1898
The Racial Geography of Europe: Supplement - Russia and the Slavs XV 721
The Evolution of High Wages from Low Cost of Labor 746
Plant Life of the Canary Islands 758
The Philosophy of Manual Training: The Place of Manual Training in a Rational Educational System V 772
Weather Freaks of the West Indies 789
Some Psychical Aspects of Muscular Exercise 793
The Evolution of Colonies: The Law IV 806
Young Greek Boys and Old Greek Schools 809
The First Half Century of the American Association 822
Sketch of Sir Richard Quain 835
Editor's Table 840
Scientific Literature 845
General Notices 848
Publications Received 853
Fragments of Science 854
Minor Paragraphs 861
Notes 863
Index 865