Popular Science Monthly/Volume 58

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584030Popular Science Monthly — Volume 581900

Table of Contents
November 1900
Chapters on the Stars V 3
Rapid Battleship Building 28
Address of the President Before the British Association for the Advancement of Science II 34
The Population of the United States During the Next Ten Centuries 49
The Distribution of Taxes 54
Municipal Government Now and a Hundred Years Ago 60
China 69
Rescue Work in History 81
James Edward Keeler 85
Discussion and Correspondence 92
Scientific Literature 98
The Progress of Science 106
December 1900
Oxygen and the Nature of Acids 115
Chapters on the Stars VI 130
Microbes in Cheese-Making 148
Submarine Navigation 156
Municipal Water-Works Laboratories 172
Freedom and Free-Will 183
Chinese Commerce 193
Discussion and Correspondence 208
Scientific Literature 214
The Progress of Science 219
January 1901
Asphaltum for a Modern Street 225
The Effect of Physical Agents on Bacterial Life 238
Flies and Typhoid Fever 249
Geometry: Ancient and Modern 257
An Address Given Before the Department of Anthropology of the British Association, 1878 267
The Story of Autonous 276
The Economic Life of France 277
Pearson's Grammar of Science 296
Chapters on the Stars VII 307
Discussion and Correspondence 324
Scientific Literature 327
The Progress of Science 330
February 1901
Huxley's Life and Work 337
Malaria 360
A Study of British Genius I 372
The Weather vs the Newspapers 381
The Philippines Two Hundred Years Ago 393
Prehistoric Tombs of Eastern Algeria 397
The New York Aquarium 405
Chapters on the Stars VIII 413
A Century of the Study of Meteorites 429
Discussion and Correspondence 434
Scientific Literature 438
The Progress of Science 442
March 1901
Chapters on the Stars IX 449
The Law of Substance 467
The Height and Weight of the Cuban Teachers 480
Throwing a High Explosive from Powder Guns 493
Pyramid Lake, Nevada 505
The Geologist Awheel 515
The Formation of Habits in the Turtle 519
The Science of Distances 526
A Study of British Genius II 540
Discussion and Correspondence 548
Scientific Literature 552
The Progress of Science 555
April 1901
Malpighi, Swammerdam and Leeuwenhoek 561
Two Contemporary Problems in Education 585
A Study of British Genius III 595
Suicide and the Weather 604
Recent Progress in Aerial Navigation 616
Foreign Trade of the United States 625
The Planet Eros 641
Discussion and Correspondence 652
Scientific Literature 659
The Progress of Science 663
Index 669