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584034Popular Science Monthly — Volume 601901

Table of Contents
November 1901
On the Tendency of Species to Form Varieties; and on the Perpetuation of Varieties and Species by Natural Means of Selection 5
The Story of the Cahow 22
Psychiatry - Ancient, Medieval and Modern 31
The National Control of Education 49
The Evolution of the Human Intellect 58
The Origin of Sex in Plants 66
The Fishes of Japan 76
The Omen Animals of Sarawak 80
Scientific Literature 89
The Progress of Science 92
December 1901
A Mechanical Solution of a Literary Problem 97
The Importance of General Statistical Ideas 106
The Aims of the National Physical Laboratory of Great Britain 124
Cement for a Modern Street 145
The Influence of Rainfall on Commerce and Politics 158
Lucretius and the Evolution Idea 166
Sensory Mechanism of Plants 174
On the Reception of the Origin of Species 177
Scientific Literature 185
The Progress of Science 187
January 1902
The Minnesota Seaside Station 193
Antarctic Exploration 209
The Possible Improvement of the Human Breed Under the Existing Conditions of Law and Sentiment 218
The End of the Filth Theory of Disease 234
Recent Total Eclipses of the Sun 240
Friar Roger Bacon 255
Lamarck, The Founder of Evolution 263
Comets' Tails, The Corona and the Aurora Borealis 265
Discussion and Correspondence 279
Scientific Literature 281
The Progress of Science 283
February 1902
Stellar Evolution in the Light of Recent Research 291
Winged Reptiles 314
The Journeyings of Birds 323
Environment in Relation to Sex in Human Culture 336
The College-Man as Leader in the World's Work 346
Theology versus Thrift in the Black Belt 360
The Descent of Man 365
Discussion and Correspondence 377
Scientific Literature 376
The Progress of Science 379
March 1902
The Palm Trees of Brazil 387
Work and Rest: Genius and Stupidity 413
Science in 1901 424
Franklin's Philosophical Society 430
Alpheus Hyatt 439
Suicidal Fanaticism in Russia 442
The Differentiation of the Human Species 448
Were the Earliest Organic Movements Conscious or Unconscious? 458
Trust Deed by Andrew Carnegie, Creating a Trust for the Benefit of the Carnegie Institution, of Washington, D. C. 470
Scientific Literature 473
The Progress of Science 475
April 1902
Is This a Degenerate Age? 481
The Formation and Motions of Clouds 495
Contributions to Biology from Investigations on the Breeding Salmon 503
What Is Philosophy? 513
A Study of Calms 521
Our Foreign Commerce in 1901 529
The Soil as an Economic and Social Factor 539
The Draining of the Zuider Sea 551
The Evolution of Fishes 556
Scientific Literature 565
The Progress of Science 568
Index 573