Popular Science Monthly/Volume 61

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584037Popular Science Monthly — Volume 611902

Table of Contents
May 1902
The Electronic Theory of Electricity 5
Sulfuric Acid and its Manufacture by the Contact-Process 24
The Physical Basis of Heredity 32
Children's Vocabularies 45
Mescal: a Study of a Divine Plant 52
Infectious Diseases 72
The Physiological Effects of Electrically Charged Molecules 76
An Afternoon at Chelles and the Earliest Evidences of Human Industry in France 81
The Progress of Science 89
June 1902
On the Definition of Some Modern Sciences 99
The Commercial Value of Human Life 120
Instinct 126
Educational Value of Photomicrography 143
Sugar and the Sugar Beet 157
Peter Guthrie Tait 163
Concerning the American University 170
Scientific Literature 183
The Progress of Science 184
July 1902
Studies in the Natural History of the Sacramento Salmon 195
A Modern Street 212
Views of Dr Rizal, The Filipino Scholar, Upon Race Differences 222
Gold Mining in Klondike 230
A Study of Twentieth Century Success 241
The Panama Route for a Ship Canal I 252
Princeton in the Nation's Service 269
The Antillean Volcanoes 272
Scientific Literature 282
The Progress of Science 283
August 1902
The Problem of Consciousness in its Biological Aspects 289
The Panama Route for a Ship Canal II 304
Social Bacteria and Economic Microbes 317
Marriage Among Eminent Men 328
University-Building 330
Some Observations on the Behavior of the Social Wasps 339
Field Notes of a Geologist in Martinique and St. Vincent 352
Mental and Moral Heredity in Royalty I 369
Scientific Literature 379
The Progress of Science 380
September 1902
Areography 385
University Control 396
The World-View of a Scientist: Ernst Haeckel's Philosophy 407
Eels and the Eel Question 426
The Story of a Word - Mammal 434
A Year of Weather and Trade in the United States 439
Mental and Moral Heredity in Royalty II 449
A New Theory of Light and Colours 461
Discussion and Correspondence 472
The Progress of Science 473
October 1902
A Study in Plant Adaptation 483
The American Origin of Agriculture 492
Mental and Moral Heredity in Royalty III 506
The Competition of the United States with the United Kingdom 514
Scientific Heading in a Public Library 524
An Ascent of Mt Orizaba 528
Origin of the Fins of Fishes 536
Domestic and Intercollegiate Athletics 548
Recent Advances in Science, and their Bearing on Medicine and Surgery 558
Discussion and Correspondence 565
The Progress of Science 567
Index 573