Popular Science Monthly/Volume 77

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584070Popular Science Monthly — Volume 771910

Table of Contents
July 1910
A Naturalist in the Straits of Magellan 5
The Future of the Human Race 19
Middle and Distance Running 28
The Symbolism of Dreams 42
Modern Medievalism 56
The Nature of Disease and of its Cure 61
The Paleontologic Record II: Paleontologic Evidences of Climate 67
The Migration and Shifting of Devonian Faunas 70
Paleontologic Evidences of Adaptive Radiation 77
Instinct and Intelligence in Birds II 82
The Progress of Science 99
August 1910
The Past and Present Status of the Ether 105
Physiologic Light 114
Instinct and Intelligence in Birds III 122
The Paleontologic Record III: Anatomy and Physiology in Invertebrate Extinct Organisms 142
Contributions to Morphology from Paleontology 145
Relation of Embryology and Vertebrate Paleontology 150
Observations on the Earthquake of May 26, 1909 154
The Methods and Uses of a Research Museum 163
The Effects of Smoking on College Students 170
The Danger of Unskill 178
Bacteriology and Parasitology in Relation to Avian Diseases 186
The Role of Selection in Plant Breeding 190
The Progress of Science 204
September 1910
The Zoological Station at Naples 209
A Unique Collection of Arithmetics 226
John Dee and his Fruitful Preface 236
The Making of the Scientific Investigator 242
The Cause of Social Progress and of the Rate of Interest 252
Parasitic Culture 256
Centralized Authority and Democracy in our Higher Institutions 264
The Five-Fold Functions of Government 274
Associate Members of American Societies 286
The Paleontologic Record IV: Ontogeny: A Study of the Value of Young Features in Determining Phylogeny 292
Paleontology and Ontogeny 295
Paleontology and the Recapitulation Theory 298
Vertebrate Paleontology and the Evidences for Recapitulation 304
The Progress of Science 309
October 1910
Address Before the National Conservation Congress 313
The Paleontologic Record V: The Relation of Paleobotany to Phylogeny 333
Paleontology and Isolation 338
The Role of Hybridization in Plant Breeding 342
The Natural History and Physiology of Hibernation 356
The Home of the Alligator 365
The Owen Bill for the Establishment of a Federal Department of Health, and its Opponents 373
The Distinction Between the Liberal and the Technical in Education 379
The Tariff Board: Its Scope and Limitations 386
A Supreme Court of Science 396
The Moral Equivalent of War 400
The Progress of Science 413
November 1910
Alexander Agassiz, 1835-1910 419
Recent Developments in Physical Science 447
Mathematical Definitions in Text-Books and Dictionaries 457
The Much Misunderstood Fur Seals of Bering Sea 465
The Paleontologic Record VI: The Continuity of Development 473
The Continuity of Development 478
Child Study 482
The Relations Between Teachers and their Pupils 489
Professor Norton's Law of Progress 510
The Progress of Science 513
December 1910
The Ilongot or Ibilao of Luzon 521
Kant and Evolution I 538
Classics and the College Course 554
Learning Foreign Languages 561
Some European Conditions Affecting Emigration 570
Genius and Stature 579
Certain Characteristics of the South Americans of To-Day 582
When Does a Food Become a Luxury? 590
The Paleontologic Record VII: The Birthplace of Man 594
The Relation of Paleontology to the History of Man, with Particular Reference to the American Problem 597
Two Active Volcanoes of the South Seas 603
The Progress of Science 613
Index 621