Popular Science Monthly/Volume 80

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584077Popular Science Monthly — Volume 801912

Table of Contents
January 1912
The Mechanistic Conception of Life 5
Science Among the Chinese II 22
Notes on Norwegian Industry 36
The Duties to the Public of Research Institutions in Pure Science 51
Small Colleges 58
The Problem of City Milk Supplies 66
A Flash of Lightning 76
Collecting on a Coral Reef 80
The Origin and Control of Mental Defectiveness 87
The Academy of Sciences, Paris, from 1666 to 1699 I 91
The Progress of Science 99
February 1912
The International Hygiene Exhibition at Dresden 105
The Value of Non-Instrumental Weather Observations 129
Narrow Jaws and Small Feet 138
The Conflict of Administrations 142
Relations of Japan and the United States 151
Some Interesting Characteristics of the Modern English Language 158
The Old Academy of Science, Paris, 1699-1793 II 164
History of Gold Mining in the United States 174
Modern Tenement Houses 191
The History of Gymnosperms 197
The Progress of Science 205
March 1912
Glimpses of the Great American Desert 209
A New Development in the Mississippi Delta 237
The Imperial Universities of Japan 246
Efficiency Wage Standards 257
The Instinctive Element in Human Society 263
Types of Men 273
Time and Space 280
Professional Training for Child Hygiene 289
The Four Periods in the Development of the Modern Zoological System 298
Florentino Ameghino 303
The Progress of Science 308
April 1912
On the Need of Administrative Changes in the American University 313
Science in the Service of Highway Construction 326
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden 339
Alexander von Humboldt 346
A Review of Three Famous Attacks Upon the Study of Mathematics as a Training of the Mind 360
The Red Sunflower 373
The Medical Side of Immigration 383
Ancient Portals of the Earth 393
Ptomaines and Ptomaine Poisoning 400
Science and International Good Will 405
The Progress of Science 413
May 1912
New Proofs of the Kinetic Theory of Matter and the Atomic Theory of Electricity 417
University Education in China 441
Precession: And the Pyramids 449
New York's Ten Thousand 461
Assortative Mating in Man 476
The Price Fallacy of High Costs 493
A Bugbear of Reformers 499
Research in Medicine I 503
The Progress of Science 517
June 1912
Tropical Sunlight 521
The National Parks from the Scientific and Educational Side 531
Research in Medicine II 548
Age, Death and Conjugation in the Light of Work on Lower Organisms 563
Conservation Ideals in the Improvement of Plants 578
A Philosophy of Geography 587
Chinese Mathematics 597
The Practical Basis for Republican Institutions for China 602
A Program of Radical Democracy 606
The Progress of Science 616
Index 621