Popular Science Monthly/Volume 81

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584079Popular Science Monthly — Volume 811912

Table of Contents
July 1912
Research in Medicine III 6
Trinidad and Bermudez Asphalts and their Use in Highway Construction I 19
The Role of the House Fly and Certain Other Insects in the Spread of Human Diseases 36
Holes in the Air 50
The Physiological Basis of Esthetics 61
Are the Jews a Pure Race? 70
Is a Scientific Explanation of Life Possible? 78
Some Features of the Root-Systems of the Desert Plants 90
The Progress of Science 100
August 1912
Notes on Gauss and his American Descendants 105
Research in Medicine IV 115
Modern Thought 133
Cold Storage Problems 153
The World's Most Important Conservation Problem 163
Trinidad and Bermudez Asphalts and their Use in Highway Construction II 170
An Economic Interpretation of Present Politics 183
Helps to Studying 193
Bees Which Visit Only One Species of Flower 197
The Progress of Science 204
September 1912
Research in Medicine V 209
Wind-Graved Mesas and their Message 227
Old Lamps for New 238
The Revival of Economic Orthodoxy 246
George Marcgrave, The First Student of American Natural History 250
The Real Problem of Commission Government 275
Genius and Hair-Color 284
A Consideration of the Nature of Hunger 291
The Progress of Science 308
October 1912
The Guayule: A Desert Rubber Plant 313
Rousseau's Contributions to Psychology, Philosophy and Education 331
Smoking and Football Men 336
The Minister's Son 345
History-Making Forces 349
Industrialism 355
The Inheritance of Fecundity 364
Stuffy Rooms 374
Permanent Fireproofing of Cotton Goods 397
The Progress of Science 409
November 1912
A Round-The-World Botanical Excursion 417
Some Aspects of Anaphylaxis 434
The Permanence of Interests and their Relation to Abilities 449
China's Great Problem 457
Modern Warfare Against Grasshoppers 465
The Relation of Eugenics to Euthenics 475
Negroes Who Owned Slaves 483
The Administrative Peril in Education 495
The Progress of Science 517
December 1912
The Evolution of the Dollar Mark 521
Practical Forestry Explained 531
Insects as Agents in the Spread of Disease 537
The Genesis of Individual and Social Surplus 551
Rising Prices and the Public 564
The Function of the American College 574
Reforming the Calendar 582
Basil Valentine: A Seventeenth-Century Hoax 591
The Hindu-Arabic Numerals 601
The Progress of Science 615
Index 621