Popular Science Monthly/Volume 83

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Table of Contents

July 1913

Ancient Man, his Environment and his Art 5
Suspended Changes in Nature 23
Heredity, Culpability, Praiseworthiness, Punishment and Reward 33
Gustav Theodor Fechner 40
The Intellectual and the Physical Life 50
Women Teachers and Equal Pay 65
The Business Man and the High-School Graduate 73
Vulgar Species and Therapeutic Superstitions 81
Lester F Ward as Sociologist 97
The Progress of Science 101

August 1913

The Earth and Sun as Magnets 105
Eugenics: With Special Reference to Intellect and Character 125
Education Through Reading 139
The Genesis of Personal Traits 149
The Sequence of Sciences in the High School 158
The Relation of Culture to Environment from the Standpoint of Invention 164
The Future of the North American Fauna 169
The Size of Organisms and of their Constituent Parts in Relation to Longevity, Senescence and Rejuvenescence 178
Bernoulli's Principle and its Application to Explain the Curving of a Baseball 199
The Progress of Science 205

September 1913

The Nitrate Fields of Chile 209
The Power of Growth in Plants 231
The Absorption and Emission Centers of Light and Heat 240
In Quest of the Alcohol Motive 249
The Next College President 265
The Matter of College Entrance Requirements 286
The Lesson of Canal Zone Sanitation 294
A Biological Forecast 300
The Progress of Science 307

October 1913

Immigration and the Public Health 313
An Irish Channel Railway 339
Scientific Standards for the Governmental Regulation of Foods 344
A Problem in Educational Eugenics 355
The Psychological Factor in Southern Race Problems 368
Women in Industry 375
The Fourth Dimension 381
Some Psychological Problems Emphasized by Pragmatism 394
The Progress of Science 413

November 1913

The History of Dietetics 417
Jewish Colonization in Palestine 428
The National Zoological Garden 434
Discovery of Contact Electrification 441
The Application of the Physiology of Color Vision in Modern Art 450
The Petrified Forest of Mississippi 466
Economic Factors in Eugenics 471
How the Problems of the Rural Schools are Being Met 484
The Increase of American Land Values 491
The Scientific Study of Child Development 506
The Progress of Science 515

December 1913

Alfred Russel Wallace, 1823-1913 523
The Struggle for Equality in the United States I 438
Alcohol from a Scientific Point of View II 550
The Most Remarkable Monument in Western China 557
The Place of Study in the College Curriculum 567
The Protection of Domesticated Animals 581
The Forests and Forestry of Germany 590
The History of Ohm's Law 599
The Progress of Science 615
Index 621