L. 1939 c. 19049 (Florida)

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[note: Other than SR 3-A, the State Road numbers are not given in the bill.]

L. 1939 c. 19049[edit]

CHAPTER 19049--(No. 54).


AN ACT to Designate and Establish Certain Roads in Orange County as State Roads.

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

Section 1. That the following named and described roads located in Orange County, Florida, as designated in paragraphs numbered 1 to 55, inclusive of both, of this section, be and each of such roads is hereby declared, designated and established as a state road of the system of state roads of the State of Florida, with all rights and privileges of designated state roads, each of said roads so declared, designated and established to be known as and by such number as the State Road Department shall, respectively, assign thereto, to-wit:

SR 397[edit]

1. Begin on State Road No. 22 in approximately the NE¼ of Sec. 29, Tp. 22 S. R. 29 E., run thence North and East to New State Highway No. 2 in approximately the SE¼ of Sec. 9, Tp. 22 S. R. 29 E.

SR 398[edit]

2. Begin on old State Road No. 2 in approximately the NE¼ of Sec. 4, Tp. 22 S. R. 29 E., run North to Seminole County line at approximately the NW corner of the NE¼ of NE¼ of Sec. 28, Tp. 21 S. R. 29 E.


SR 418[edit]

22. Begin on State Road No. 22 at approximately NW corner of SW¼ of NW¼ of Sec. 34, Tp. 22 S. R. 33 E., run South and Southeast of Osceola County line in the SW¼ of Sec 32, Tp. 24, S. R. 34 E.


SR 449[edit]

55. Begin at State Road No. 22 at approximate center of Sec. 29, Tp. 22 S. R. 29 E., run South and East to County Project No. 41 at NE corner of SE¼ of SE¼ of Sec. 32, Tp. 22 S. R. 29 E.

SR 3-A[edit]

56. Beginning at the point where the new location of State Road No. 3 intersects with the old location thereof near the south line of the Town of Lake Maitland, thence along said old location thereof to and along Park, Fairbanks and Orange Avenue in Winter Park, Orange Avenue in Orlando, and such route as may be selected by the State Road Department from Orange Avenue to Kuhl Avenue in Orlando, to the South city limits theoeof, thence along the present Orlando and Kissimmee road to the county-line between Orange and Osceola Counties, said road, however, to be designated as State Road No. 3-A.

Section 2. This act shall become effective immediately upon its passage and approval by the Governor, or upon becoming a law without the approval of the Governor.

Approved by the Governor May 12, 1939.

Filed in Office Secretary of State, May 13, 1939.