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PROBY, GRANVILLE LEVESON, third Earl of Carysfort (1781–1868), admiral, born in 1781, was third son of John Joshua Proby, first earl of Carysfort [q. v.] He entered the navy in March 1798 on board the Vanguard, with Captain (afterwards Sir) Edward Berry [q. v.], and Rear-admiral Sir Horatio Nelson. In her he was present at the battle of the Nile, and, following Berry to the Foudroyant, took part in the blockade of Malta, in the capture of the Généreux on 18 Feb. 1800, and of the Guillaume Tell on 31 March 1800. In 1801, still in the Foudroyant, then carrying the flag of Lord Keith, he was present at the operations on the coast of Egypt. He afterwards served in the frigates Santa Teresa and Resistance, and in 1803-4 in the Victory, the flagship of Nelson in the Mediterranean. On 24 Oct. 1804 he was promoted to be lieutenant of the Narcissus frigate, from which in the following May he was appointed to the Neptune, and in her took part in the battle of Trafalgar. On 16 Aug. 1806 he was promoted to the command of the Bergère sloop, and on 28 Nov. 1800 was posted to the Madras, of 54 guns. In 1807 he commanded the Juno frigate in the Mediterranean; in 1808-9 the Iris in the North Sea and Baltic; in 1813-14 the Laurel at the Cape of Good Hope; and in 1815-16 the Amelia in the Mediterranean. He had no further service afloat, but became in due course rear-admiral on 23 Nov. 1841, vice-admiral on 16 June 1851, and admiral on 9 July 1857. Proby succeeded as third earl on the death, on 11 June 1855, of his brother John, second earl of Carysfort. He died on 3 Nov. 1868. He married, in April 1818, Isabella, daughter of Hugh Howard, a younger son of the first Countess of Wicklow, and left issue.

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