Reply of Menumorut to Árpád

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Reply of Menumorut to Árpád
by Menumorut, translated by user:

Original, in Latin[edit]

"Dicite Arpadio duci Hungarie, domino uestro, debitores sumus ei, ut amicus amico, in omnibus, que ei necessaria sunt, quia hospes homo est, et in multis indiget. Terram autem, quam petiut a nostra gratia, nullatenus concedimus nobis uiuentibus. Hoc etiam indigne tulimus quod Salanus dux ei concessit maximam terram, aut propter amorem, ut dicitur, aut propter timorem, quod negatur. Nos autem nec propter amorem nec propter timorem ei concedimus terram, etiam quantum pugillus caperet, licet dixerit ius suum esse. Et uerba sua non conturbant animum nostrum eo, quod mandauerit nobis se descendisse de Atthile regis, qui flagellum dei dicebatur, qui etiam uiolenta manu rapuerat terram hanc ab atthauo meo, sed tamen modo per gratiam domini mei imperatoris Constantinopolitani nemo protest auferre de manibus meis."


"Tell Arpad, duke of Hungary, your lord. Indebted we are to him as a friend to a friend, with all requisite to him, since he is a stranger and lacks many. Yet the territory he asked from our good will never will we bestow as long as we will be alive. And we felt sorry that duke Salanus conceded him a very large territory out either of love, which it is said, or out of fear, which is denied. Ourself on the other hand, neither out of love nor out of fear, we will ever concede him land, not even if spanning only a finger, although he said he has a right on it. And his words do not trouble our heart that he stressed he descends from the strain of king Attila, which was called the scourge of god. And if that one raped this country from my ancestor, now thanks to my lord the emperor of Constantinople, nobody can snatch it from my hands."