Royal Decree Dissolving the House of Representatives, BE 2554 (2011)

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Seal of the Royal Command of Thailand

Royal Decree

Dissolving the House of Representatives,

BE 2554 (2011)

Bhumibol Adulyadej, R.

Given under Our Hand this 9th Day of May, BE 2554 (2011)

Being the 66th Year of Our Reign.

Phra Bat Somdet Phra Paraminthra Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej is graciously pleased to proclaim that:

Whereas the Prime Minister informed Us that the Government took charge of public administration at the end of 2009, the year during which the State was threatened with various internal problems, including the global economic failure which halted the economic growth, extended the unemployment rate and suspended the national investment, as well as the conflicts and disharmony amongst the national people in which the exercise of physical force and violence of the demonstrators against each other were rampant; and whereas the Government has now eased those problems up to the extent that the national economic condition has been recovered from crisis and installed in the position of normalcy and the economic growth has been brought back continuously, whilst the serious problem of social conflicts and disharmony has been mitigated due to cooperation from every sector; and whereas the National Assembly has amended the Constitution in line with the changed national conditions; it is now desirable to dissolve the House of Representatives and organise a general election of new Representatives according to the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, in order to return the power of political determination to the people and maintain the democratic regime of government under the parliamentary system with the King as Head of State;

Be it decreed by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by virtue of sections 108 and 187 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, as follows:

§ 1

This Royal Decree shall be cited as the "Royal Decree Dissolving the House of Representatives, BE 2554 (2011)".

§ 2

This Royal Decree shall come into force upon its publication in the Government Gazette.[1]

§ 3

The House of Representatives shall be dissolved in order to hold an election of new Representatives.

§ 4

A general election of Representatives shall be conducted on Sunday, 3 July 2011.

§ 5

The Prime Minister and the President of the Election Commission shall be in charge of this Royal Decree.

Abhisit Vejjajiva,
Prime Minister.


  1. Published in the Government Gazette: volume 128/part 33 A/page 19/10 May 2011.

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