The Army and Navy Hymnal/Hymns/Safe in the Arms of Jesus

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222 Safe in the Arms of Jesus
Fanny J. Crosby, 1823-1915 William H. Doane

1.Safe in the arms of Jesus
Safe on his gentle breast
There by his love o'er shaded,
Sweetly my soul shall rest
Hark! 'tis the voice of angels,
Borne in song to me,
O-ver the fields of glory
O-ver the jasper sea.
2.Safe in the arms of Jesus
Safe from corroding care,
Safe from the worlds temptations
Sin cannot harm me there.
Free from the blight of sorrow,
Free from doubts and fears;
Here let me wait with patience,
Wait till the night is o'er;
Only a few more trials,
Only a few more tears!
3.Jesus, my heart's dear refuge
Jesus has died for me;
Firm on the rock of Ages
Ever my trust shall be.
Wait till I see the morning
Break on the golden shore.

Used by permission of W. H. Doane, owner of Copyright