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Contents of Volume 1


Essay I.—On the Pleasure of Painting 1
Essay II.—The same Subject continued 23
Essay III.—On the Past and Future 43
Essay IV.—On Genius and Common Sense 65
Essay V.—The same Subject continued 91
Essay VI.—Character of Cobbett 113
Essay VII.—On People with one Idea 135
Essay VIII.—On the Ignorance of the Learned 159
Essay IX.—The Indian Jugglers 179
Essay X.—On Living to one’s-self 209
Essay XI.—On Thought and Action 235
Essay XII.—On Will-making 265
Essay XIII.—On certain Inconsistencies in Sir Joshua Reynolds’s Discourses 287
Essay XIV.—The same Subject continued 311
Essay XV.—On Paradox and Common-place 347
Essay XVI.—On Vulgarity and Affectation 373

Contents of Volume 2


Essay I.—On a Landscape of Nicholas Poussin 1
Essay II.—On Milton’s Sonnets 17
Essay III.—On going a Journey 33
Essay IV.—On Coffee-house Politicians 55
Essay V.—On the Aristocracy of Letters 91
Essay VI.—On Criticism 115
Essay VII.—On great and little Things 145
Essay VIII.—On familiar Style 183
Essay IX.—On Effeminacy of Character 199
Essay X.—Why distant Objects please 217
Essay XI.—On Corporate Bodies 239
Essay XII.—Whether Actors ought to sit in the Boxes 261
Essay XIII.—On the Disadvantages of intellectual Superiority 279
Essay XIV.—On Patronage and Puffing 303
Essay XV.—On the Knowledge of Character 335
Essay XVI.—On the Picturesque and Ideal 369
Essay XVII.—On the Fear of Death 381

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.