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{{EB1911 footer initials|name[1..4]=author name|initials[1..4]=initals}}

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EB1911 articles may include initial of the contributor or contributors of the article.

{{EB1911 footer initials|name=Firstname Lastname|initials=Author initials as displayed}}


{{EB1911 footer initials|Firstname Lastname|Author initials as displayed}}

The template supports up to four authors:

{{EB1911 footer initials|name=name |initials=initials


{{EB1911 footer initials|name=Charles Johnson|initials=C. J.}}

produces → → →  (C. J.) 

{{EB1911 footer initials|name=James Sime |initials=J. Si. |name2=John Malcolm Mitchell |initials2=J. M. M.}}

produces → → →  (J. Si.; J. M. M.) 


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