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This is a simple template that helps format Arabic text. It defines the direction as right-to-left and HTML lang property to "ara".

This template is not intended for formatting whole paragraphs, but only Arabic passages in a paragraph that may be left-to-right. (In HTML terms, it's a <span>, not a <div>.)

It takes one required argument: "text". Example:

  • {{lang-ara|text=مكة‎}}


  • مكة‎

This is the English Wikisource, Arabic <span>s are expected to be embedded in left-to-right paragraphs; therefore by default this template ends with the left-to-right marker (‎). If you want to disable it, add the argument "nolrm=1":

  • Without "nolrm": {{lang-ara|text=مكة‎}}, {{lang-ara|text=المدينة‎}} -> مكة‎‎, المدينة
  • With "nolrm": {{lang-ara|nolrm=1|text=مكة‎}}, {{lang-ara|text=المدينة‎}} -> مكة‎, المدينة

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