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Additional information regarding an invalid copyright renewal application to explain why specific works are in the public domain.



Place this template on the talk page of all appropriate works and corresponding authors. This template should be used in conjunction with {{PD-US-no-renewal}}. It should only be used in cases where an invalid copyright renewal application was filed.

This template adds pages to Category:PD-US-no-renewal-unvested or Category:Author-PD-US-no-renewal-unvested as appropriate.


This licence can be used in cases were:

  1. A work was published in the 1923-1963 period as per {{PD-US-no-renewal}}.
  2. The copyright was renewed by a corporate body (eg. a publisher) or other assignee, in the assignee's own name. (That is, the name of the publisher but not the name of the author.)
  3. The author died before the renewal period (ie. less than 28 years from publication).

If there is any indication that the author's estate re-assigned the renewal copyright back to the corporate body, then the renewal was probably valid and this condition does not apply.

If the publisher renewed copyright in the author's name, on behalf of the authors heirs and estate, then the renewal was probably valid and this condition does not apply.


Some of the text used for this template is derived from the Opinion of the Court in Roger Miller Music, Inc. v. Sony ATV Publishing, LLC by Judge Ransey Guy Cole, Jr.

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