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([[Index:|start transcription]])

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A small link to a scan index of a work. Do not use the Index: prefix for the link.

{{small scan link|1=Link to DJVU Index Page}}


Life with the Esquimaux. {{small scan link|Life with the Esquimaux - 1864 - Volume 1.djvu}}


Life with the Esquimaux. (transcription project)

This is generally only used when a work is not started or is incomplete. Editors are encouraged to remove this template if the work has been completed.


This template uses two unnamed parameters:

  1. The link to the index page. Required.
  2. Alternative text for the link. Optional (defaults to "transcription project").

Where the template usage falls out of the scope of the template, if the second parameter is used, such pages will be listed at Category:SSL with 2nd param


Life with the Esquimaux. (transcription project)

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