The American Journal of Science/Series 1, Volume 3

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Mr. John Dickson on the Mineralogy and Geology of parts of South and North Carolina 1
Ebenezer Granger, Esq. on vegetable impressions in rocks of Zanesville Coal formation 5
Dr. G. Troost on the amber of Maryland 8
L. Bringier, Esq. on the region of the Mississippi, &c. 15
Notice of Mr. H. H. Hayden's Geological Essays 47
Prof. F. Hall on ores of Iron and Manganese 56
Notice of Mr. Schoolcraft's work on the Missouri leadmines, &c. 59
Mr. M. Hale's Geological Notice of Troy 72
Dr. J. A. Allen on the West River Mountain, with localities of Minerals 73
Mr. Henry R. Schoolcraft on the Native Copper of lake Superior, &c. 207
Letters of Mr. Alexander Brongniart, with Editor's remarks 216
Miscellaneous Notices in Mineralogy, Geology, &c. by various persons 227
Professor Buckland on Geological investigations, &c. 249
Mr. J. W. Wilson on the bursting of lakes through mountains 252
Dr. John L Bigsby on Geology, &c. of the N. W. Portion of Lake Huron 254
W. Prince, Esq. on a hybrid production between the Spanish Chesnut and Maryland Chinquapin, with remarks by Prof. S. L. Mitchill 77
Dr. Jacob Porter's Floral and Miscellaneous Calendar of Plainfield, Mass. &c. 273
J. C. Vanden Heuvel, Esq. on American Honey Bees 79
Professor J. Green on Bones of the Rattle Snake 85
Professor Rafinesque on a Fossil Medusa 285
Dr. B. L. Oliver on priority of medical use of the Prussic Acid 182
Cases illustrating the medical effects of the Prussic Acid 187
Dr. F. Magendie on Absorption 288
Professor E. D. Smith on Calculous Affections (posthumous) 300
Upon the fusion of various bodies by Hare's Blowpipe — from the Annals of Chemistry, .&;c. with remarks by the Editor 87
—————— new mode of forming water 91
Professor Green on instantaneous crystalization 93
Mr. S. Morey on Mineral Waters, &c. 94
Professor D. Olmsted on a peculiar effect of lightning 100
Rev. R. Emerson on the divining rod 102
Professor Hare on new Galvanic apparatus and theory 105
Professor E. D. Smith on the warm springs of Buncomb county, N. C. (posthumous) 117
Remarks on Enfield's Philosophy, third edition 125
Mr. Town's new mode of Bridge-building 158
J. Hall, Esq. on the staining of wood, and on medical electricity 166
Thomas Jarman, Esq. on Gas Lights 170
Editor's notice of an argentiferous Galena, &c. 173
Editor on the formation of ice in certain circumstances 179
Professor A. M. Fisher on Printing Presses and their Theory, 326
———————————— on the new Press of Mr. John I. Wells ib.
Dr. John Locke on the manufacture of Copperas in Vermont 326
Remarks on some points of modern Chemical theory, with a notice of Professor Gorham's Elements of Chemistry 330
Miscellaneous chemical notices 341
Liability of barns to be struck by lightning 345
Jacob Perkins, Esq. on the compressibility of water 347
Notice of Mr. Perkins' invention of engraving on steel 353
Tests for Arsenic 354
Dr. Eli Ives on spring pasture 355
I.  Domestic.
1. Archæologia Americana, notice of 357
2. American Geological Society 360
3. Remarks on the study of Geology.   4.  Sulphat of Strontian 363
5. Map of mountains.   6.  Epidote 364
7. Western Minerva.   8.  Annals of Nature.   9.  Fossil Fish 365
10. Cold at Plattsburgh 366
11. Crystals of Snow.   12.  Fluor Spar of Genesee.   13.  Do. of Illinois 367
II.  Foreign Literature and Science.
1. Slide of Mount Pilatus 368
2. Oxigenized water 369
3. Lithographic paper.   4.  Ivory paper   5.  Manufactory of Glass 370
6. Portable gas lamps.   7.  Potash in sea water.   8.  Salt.   9.  Iron Boat 371
10. Glasgow, how supplied with water.   11.  Vegetation.   12.  Electrometers 372
13. Surgical operation extraordinary.   14.  Royal Society of London 373
15. Prisons.   16.  Pompeia.   17.  Antidote to Corrosive Sublimate. 374
18. Schools.   19.  Manufactory of Thimbles.   20.  Auscultation. 375
21. Languages.   22.  Evaporation of Spirits.   23.  A newly discovered flower 376
24. Chinese Dictionary.   25.  Van Diemen's Land. 377
26. Egypt.   27.  Temple of Jupiter Ammon.   28.  Comforts of travelling in Finland. 378
29. Monument of Pultova.   30.  Biography of Linneus   31.  Jurisprudence in Switzerland. 379
32. Education of the Poor.   33.  Medicine. 380
34. Bible Society of Athens.   35.  Dictionary of Greek Language.   36.  College of Chios. 381
37. Fruitfulness of the Potatoe.   38.  Distillation of Sea Water.   39.  New Hydraulic Ram. ib.
40. Sea Signals   41.  Remarkable Petrifaction. 382
42. Spontaneous Combustion.   43.  Magnetism produced by Voltaic Electricity. 383
44. French Translations from the Arabic.   45.   New Alkali.   46.  Population of Greenland. 384
47. Mildew.   48.  Theory of Electricity.   49.  Gas illumination. 385
50. Iodine.   51.  Mercurial Atmosphere.   52.  Connexion between Magnetism and Electricity. 386
53. Notices of Vegetable Remains in Coal Strata. 389
54. Ancient Sarcophagus. 390
55. Siliceous Sinter of the Azores. 391
56. Swainson's Zoological Miscellany.   57.  Notice of the Revue Encyclopedique 392
58. Atomic Weights of Bodies.   59.  Palermo. 396
Coca of Peru 397