The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night

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For other English-language translations of this work, see One Thousand and One Nights.
The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night
translated by
Richard Francis Burton
The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night (Arabic: كتاب ألف ليلة وليلة‎kitāb alf laylah wa-laylah) is a collection of stories collected over many centuries by various authors, translators and scholars.

This edition of Burton's translation restored the material censored by his wife Isabel in her edition. This was one of several limited and numbered editions privately printed for members of the "Burton Club".

See also "Arabian Nights," in The New International Encyclopædia, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (1905)

Table of Contents[編集]

Volume 7[編集]

  1. The History of Gharib and his Brother Ajib (continued)
  2. Otbah and Rayya
  3. Hind Daughter of Al-Nu'man and Al-Hajjaj
  4. Khuzaymah Bin Bishr and Ikrimah Al-Fayyaz
  5. Yunus the Scribe and the Caliph Walid Bin Sahl
  6. Harun Al-Rashid and the Arab Girl
  7. Al-Asma'i and the Three Girls of Bassorah
  8. Ibrahim of Mosul and the Devil
  9. The Lovers of the Banu Uzrah
  10. The Bedawi and his Wife
  11. The Lovers of Bassorah
  12. Ishak of Mosul and his Mistress and the Devil
  13. The Lovers of Al-Medinah
  14. Al-Malik Al-Nasir and his Wazir
  15. The Rogueries of Dalilah the Crafty and her Daughter Zaynab the Coney-Catcher
  16. The Adventures of Mercury Ali of Cairo
  17. Ardashir and Hayat Al-Nufus
  18. Julnar the Sea-born and her Son King Badr Basim of Persia
  19. King Mohammed Bin Sabaik and the Merchant Hasan
    1. Story of Prince Sayf Al-Muluk and the Princess Badi'a Al-Jamal

Supplemental Nights, Volume 7[編集]

  1. The Say of Haykar the Sage
  2. The History of Al-Bundukani or the Caliph Harun Al-Rashid and the Daughter of King Kisra
  3. The Linguist-Dame, the Duena and the King's Son
    • Note on the Linguist-Dame
  4. The Tale of the Warlock and the Young Cook of Baghdad
  5. The Pleasant History of the Cock and the Fox
  6. History of What Befel the Fowl-let with the Fowler
  7. The Tale of Attaf
  8. History of Prince Habib and What Befel Him with the Lady Durrat Al-Ghawwas
  • Appendix I: Index to the Tales and Proper Names
  • Appendix II: Alphabetical Table of the Notes (Anthropological, &c.)
  • Appendix III: Notes on the Stories Contained in Vol. VI. of Supplemental Nights. By W. F. Kirby
  • Appendix IV: Additional Notes on the Bibliography of the Thousand and One Nights. By W. F. Kirby
  • The Biography of the Book and its Reviewers Reviewed
  • Opinions of the Press

Volume to be allocated later[編集]

The City of Many-Columned Iram and Abdullah Son of Abi Kilabah

The Sweep and the Noble Lady

The Man Who Stole the Dish of Gold Wherin the Dog Ate

The Ruined Man Who Became Rich Again Through a Dream

The Ebony Horse

The Loves of Jubayr bin Umayr and the Lady Budur

The Adventures of Bulukiya

Tale of Kamar al-Zaman

The Angel of Death With the Proud King and the Devout Man

Night 464 cross-referenced; relevant story to be determined. Could be

Sindbad the Seaman and Sindbad the Landsman

First Voyage of Sindbad Hight the Seaman

The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman

The Third Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman

The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman

The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman

The Sixth Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman

The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman

The City of Brass

The King and His Wazir's Wife

The Devotee To Whom Allah Gave a Cloud for Service and the Devout King

Abu al-Husn and His Slave-Girl Tawaddud

The Two Sisters Who Envied Their Cadette

The Lady and Her Five Suitors

Khalifah The Fisherman of Baghdad

Abu Kir the Dyer and Abu Sir the Barber

The Sleeper and the Walker

Story of the Larrikin and the Cook

Aladdin and the wonderful lamp in The Blue Fairy Book

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Works arising from The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night[編集]