The Confessions of Nat Turner/Lists of involved parties

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A list of persons murdered in the Insurrection, on the 21st and 22d of August, 1831.[edit]

Joseph Travers and wife and three children, Mrs. Elizabeth Turner, Hartwell Prebles, Sarah Newsome, Mrs. P. Reese and son William, Trajan Doyle, Henry Bryant and wife and child, and wife's mother, Mrs. Catharine Whitehead, son Richard and four daughters and grand-child, Salathiel Francis, Nathaniel Francis' overseer and two children, John T. Barrow, George Vaughan, Mrs. Levi Waller and ten children, William Williams, wife and two boys, Mrs. Caswell Worrell and child, Mrs. Rebecca Vaughan, Ann Eliza Vaughan, and son Arthur, Mrs. John K. Williams and child, Mrs. Jacob Williams and three children, and Edwin Drury—amounting to fifty-five.

A List of Negroes brought before the Court of Southampton, with their owners' names, and sentence.[edit]

Daniel, Richard Porter, Convicted.
Moses, J.T. Barrow, Do.
Tom, Caty Whitehead, Discharged.
Jack and Andrew, Caty Whitehead, Con. and transported.
Jacob, Geo. H. Charlton, Disch'd without trial.
Isaac, Ditto, Convi. and transported.
Jack, Everett Bryant, Discharged.
Nathan, Benj. Blunt's estate, Convicted.
Nathan, Tom, and Davy, (boys,) Nathaniel Francis, Convicted and transported.
Davy, Elizabeth Turner, Convicted.
Curtis, Thomas Ridley, Do.
Stephen, Do. Do.
Hardy and Isham, Benjamin Edwards, Convicted and transp'd.
Sam, Nathaniel Francis, Convicted.
Hark, Joseph Travis' estate. Do.
Moses, (a boy,) Do. Do. and transported
Davy, Levi Waller, Convicted.
Nelson, Jacob Williams, Do.
Nat, Edm'd Turner's estate, Do.
Jack, Wm. Reese's estate, Do.
Dred, Nathaniel Francis, Do.
Arnold, Artist, (free,) Discharged.
Sam, J.W. Parker, Acquitted.
Ferry and Archer, J.W. Parker, Disch'd without trial.
Jim, William Vaughan, Acquitted.
Bob, Temperance Parker, Do.
Davy, Joseph Parker,
Daniel, Solomon D. Parker, Disch'd without trial.
Thomas Haithcock, (free,) Sent on for further trial.
Joe, John C. Turner, Convicted.
Lucy, John T. Barrow, Do.
Matt, Thomas Ridley, Acquitted.
Jim, Richard Porter, Do.
Exum Artes, (free,) Sent on for further trial.
Joe, Richard P. Briggs, Disch'd without trial.
Bury Newsome, (free,) Sent on for further trial.
Stephen James Bell, Acquitted.
Jim and Isaac, Samuel Champion, Convicted and trans'd.
Preston, Hannah Williamson, Acquitted.
Frank, Solomon D. Parker, Convi'd and transp'd.
Jack and Shadrach, Nathaniel Simmons, Acquitted.
Nelson, Benj. Blunt's estate, Do.
Sam, Peter Edwards, Convicted.
Archer, Arthur G. Reese, Acquitted.
Isham Turner, (free,) Sent on for further trial.
Nat Turner, Putnam Moore, dec'd, Convicted.