A First Series of Hymns and Songs/Descriptive Songs/The Last Rose of Summer

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37. The Last Rose of Summer.

The last rose of summer
Is faded and fled,
The leaves that adorn'd her
Are dying or dead;
The autumn is coming,
And, strong in its blast,
Will open for winter
A passage at last.

Oh, how to my spirit
It seemeth to say,
Thus too is thy summer
Fast fading away;
And the things that thou lovest,
Though beautiful now,
And the friends thou hast chosen.
Are fragile as thou.

Dost thou covet a summer
More certain of bliss?
Go seek thee a country
Far brighter than this;
Where the joys thou hast lost, thou
Shalt never deplore,
And the friends thou hast chosen
Shall quit thee no more.

Rev. Edward Caswall