An Agreement of the People

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An Agreement of the People may refer to:

There were at least three major publications of the Levellers manifesto known as "An Agreement of the People":

  • "An Agreement of the People for a firm and present peace upon grounds of common right", presented to the Army Council in October 1647.
  • "An Agreement of the People of England, and the places therewith incorporated, for a secure and present peace, upon grounds of common right, freedom and safety" presented to the Rump Parliament in January 1649.
  • "An Agreement of the Free People of England. Tendered as a peace-offering to this distressed Nation" extended version from the Leveller leaders, "Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne, Master William Walwyn, Master Thomas Prince, and Master Richard Overton, Prisoners in the Tower of London, May the 1. 1649."