The Modern Review (Calcutta) Vol XXXVIII

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The Modern Review (Calcutta) Vol. XXXVIII  (1925) 
edited by
Ramanand Chatterjee


A Monthly Review and Miscellany

Edited by

Ramananda Chatterjee

Vol. XXXVIII, Numbers 1 to 6
July to December, 1925

91, Upper Circular Road

Annual Subscription in India; Rs. 8-8 : Foreign Rs. 10.

Abd-el-Krim 361
Abd-el-Krim on Freedom 184
Abd-el-Krim on his “Brigandage” 257
Abd-el-Krim’s Attack upon the French not Unprovoked 192
Abhedananda on the Depressed classes, Swami 180
Aboriginal Tribes in the Ramayana, The 350
Administration and Policy of Begam Samru — Brajendranath Banerji 55
Advantages of Cottage Industries 173
Age of Consent Bill, The 178, 468
Agriculture and Agrarian Problem in Bengal—Dr, Radhakamal Mukherjee 538
Agriculture Improvement 357
Ahimsa and Bengal Nationalism 110
“Ahimsa” or Non-violence 740
Aims of Co-operators 170
Aims of Science 702
Ajanta 355
“Ajax” and the “The Modern Review” 473
Allahabad and Lucknow 463
Allahabad’s Status as Capital 601
All-Bengal Das Memorial 100
Alleged Hindu Anticipations of Modern Philosophy—Lord Haldane on Hindu Thought (com, and crit.) 328
Altered Congress Franchise, The 599
Alwar in the Limelight 108
America and Indian Revolutionists 701
America and the World 74
America’s Breach of Faith 480
American Airman and Riffs 257
American Author on the Reform Scheme, An 102
American Businessmen vs Indian Princes 606
American Women Learning to Fight 228
Andhra University 744
Andrews on Islam, Mr. C. F. 77
Anglican Bishop on British Policy in Kenya, An 382
Anglo-French Rivalry in S. E. Asia— Dr. Taraknath Das 31
Annual Payment to Nepal 116
Asia’s Future 179
Aspects of Spiritual and Moral Beauty in Charka and Khaddar—R.B. Gregg 560
Authors’ Works and Private Life 589
Awakening among Moslems 734
Ayurveda, or Indian Medicine 73
B. N. R. Welfare Work 694
B. S. Guha, Mr. 112
Banana Export Industry, The 441
Ban on Saklatvala (Ilhist.) 745
Basis of Indian Art 348
Beauty in the “Charpai” 80
Begam Samru’s Possessions (Ilhist.) —Brajendranath Banerji 308
Belgium to-day 577
Bengali Stage, The—S. C. Mookerjee 334
Bengal Swarajya Fund Accounts 479
Best Essays Unwritten, The 694
Beware of Dust 358
Bhandarkar, R. G., Sir (Illust.) 380
Bhandarkar, The Late Maharshi, R. G. (Illust.)—V. S. Sohoni 448
Bharat Chandra Roy, Rai-Gunakar —N. C. Chaudhuri 505
Bigotted Orthodoxy 733
Bijapur Jail 433
Birkenhead-Reading Confabulations 110
Bombay University Convocation Address 371
Bombay Workmen’s Strike, The 735
Boys of Norway 186
Brahmacharya 81
Britain’s Proposals for Abolition of Slavery 464
British Empire Exhibition, 1925 581
British Govt’s Attitude towards Holkar 229
British Labor Imperialism and Militarism 608
British Legation in Kabul 115
British Passion for Sport, The 181
Bromine from Sea-water 79
Buddha-Gaya, The (Com. and Crit.) —The Anagarika Dharmapala 568
Buddha-Gaya Problem, The—Har Dayal 130
Buddhism, a Missionary Religion 438
Buddhism and the “Untouchables” 174
Buddhist Conception of History, A (com. and crit.)—Benoy K. Sarkar 531
Bureaucracy vs. Local Self-Govt. 353
Business and Amusement in Britain 363
Calcutta Matriculation 111
Calcutta Matriculation and "Vocational Training, The 581
Calcutta University and Reform, The— Prof. Jadunath Sarkar 8
Calcutta University and the Modern Review, The 367
Calcutta University Appointments 463
Calcutta University Budget 235
Calcutta University Reform 471
Calcutta University To-day, The—Prof. Jadunath Sarkar 488
Call From Fiji, A 176
Calls from the East 692
Canadian Ambassador in Washington 231
Captain Amundsen (Illust.)—Dr. Sudhindra Bose 24
Carl Spittler—R. Rolland and Kalidas Nag 162, 336
Catholic Tribute to Deshbandhu, A 106
Cattle-breeding in India 437
Caution to Archaeologists and Sociologists 580
Change of Religion (com. and crit.)— 0. Danday and Pol. 568
Changes in Turkey 587
Children Protection Bill—JyotiSwarup Gupta 270
China’s Plight 108
Chinese Pamphlet on a Foreigners 447
Christian Missionaries and the English Clergy 433
Ckristianisation of India—Major B. D. Basu 552
Civic Morals 254
Civilisation and Fecundity 350
Claims and Duties of Youth 355
Classification of Civilisation according to Clarate 447
Clearing up One’s own Messes 347
Cocaine and Police Control 247
Code Laws vs. Embodiment Ideals 93
Co-Education 190
Colour Bill in South Africa, The 442
Comment and Criticism 72 218, 328, 452, 566, 676
Comparing Rotes with the World Mind (Illust.) 221
Comprehensive View of National Progress 179
Constitution of the P.G. Departments of the Calcutta University, The—R.D. Banerji 339
Convocation Addresses 695
Cooperation and Depressed Classes 171
Cooperative Public Health Movements in Bengal 435
Council of State, The 575
Count Goblet D ’Alviella 611
Count Kalergi’s World of Permanent Peace 593
Criticism and Defence of the Calcutta University 568
Cult of the Charka, The—Rabindranath Tagore 263
Cultural Life in Japan—Hon. H. Saito 45
Current History—T. C. B. 490, 593,
Dacca Mail Disaster, The
Dadhabhai Centenary 456
Dadhichi 478
Decisions About the Reform Scheme 100
Death of Civilisations, The 703
Decrease of Lynching in America 361
Defender of Calcutta University Speaks Out, A 475
Deputation to South Africa 731
Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das (Illust.) 95
Destiny of Man, The
Dietetic Value of Rice, The 572
Different Treatment of Boers and Indians
Difficulties of Democracy, The 192
Discussion on India in the Institute of Politics in America 667
Divining Rod, The 582
Disunited India, As Seen By a Foreign Eye—A. Singaravalu 276
Do the Meek Inherit the Earth?
Druse Revolt against France in Syria, The
Ducks, Civilisation and The Hindus—N. D. Patel 422
“Duta-Vakyam” or Envoy’s Declaration—Dharamsila Jayaswal 665
Duty of a Newspaper Editor, The 73
Earl Ronaldshay on Aryavarta (a Review)—C. F. Andrews 12
Earliest Currency Commission in India, The—J. C. Singha 654
East African Commission Report, The—C. F. Andrews 260
Economics and Politics 356
Economic Legislation in the Small Holdings Movement—Benoy K. Sarkar 515
Education in Japan 188, 361
Education Old and New 444
Educational System of Japan, The 446
Effects of Tea as An Article of Diet—Major B. D. Basu 397
Emancipation Must Come from within 347
“Empire” Cotton 249
End of Transferred Departments in Bengal 109
End of Vaikom Satyagraha 109
England Pays Her Debt to Italy and Not to India—Taraknath Das 284
Englishman on the Brahmans, An 584
English of the Bible, The 611
Eugenics 584
European and Indian Indologists 574
European Film Companies in India 90
Evolving Russia 92
Exchange Problem of India,—K.G. Lohokare 208
Existence of Indians in East Africa Ignored 118
Exclusion of Dr, S. Bose from India 745
Ex-Kaiser Feels Alarmed, The 620
Exploiters’ Impartiality, The 430
External Capital Committee’s Report, The 617
Famine in Orissa 730
Fantasticality of Fashion (Illust.) 227
Factory Labour and Initiative and Independence 440
Fertilizing Credit 572
Fifty Years of Theosophy 576
Fire Arms Bill 459
Flower and the Bee, The (a poem)—Swarnakumari Debi 16
Forced Labour in British Territory 465
Fcreign Periodicals 84, 183, 358, 438, 582, 697
For Future Biographers of Tagore 735
For India’s Youth 437
Formichi at Santiniketan, Prof. (Illust.) 728
France and the Riff 443
Freely Conceived 244
French and their Coloured Troops, The 438
French Appreciation of our Criticism 122
Future Indian Christian Churches, The 382
Future Wars 361
Full Fruition of Woman’s Shakti, The 353
Funny Door-Keeper of Destiny 243
Future of Long-stapled Cotton in India 79
Ganesh Prasad, Dr. 613
Generous Gesture, A 603
George Paish on Prohibition, Sir 228
Germany’s Artist of Social Misery (Illust.)—Agnes Smedly 148
Gilbert Murray on Black and White, Prof. 113
Gland Grafting 583
Gleanings (Illust.) 661
God and Man 354
Gold Standard in Britain, The 121
Good and Evil in the West 691
“Good Will” and “Co-operation” 732
Government’s Currency Policy 172
Grafting of Vegetables 171
Great Indian’s Right to Self-Govt. 464
Greatness of Jainism, The 179
Great Religious Revolution in India The (Illust.) 385
Great Shanghai Strike, The 440
Growing Democracy and the Indian States, The—Sardar M. V. Kibe 557
Handloom Weaving in the Bombay Presidency 173
Health Examination of Students 467
Health-giving Amusement 582
Hebrew University at Jesusalem, The 224
Help for Widows in England 572
H. H. Maharani Setu Lakshmi Bai
Higher Education for Democracy
Hindu Deities in Japan 82
Hindu Influence in Cambodia
Historicity of Jesus, The (com., and crit.)— C. F. Andrews and M. C. Ghosh 218
Historicity of the Resurrection of Christ (com. and crit.)—D. C. Ray and M. C. Ghosh 453
“Hold upon the People” 728
Honest Belgian Booking Clerks 693
Honorary Vice-Chancellors 746
How Cocaine came to India 248
“How is India Governed?” 733
How Old is the Indian Home Rule Cry 599
How to Increase Foreign' Imports into India 571
How to Poison a Race (com., and crit.)—F. Benoit 334
Hydro-Electric Development in India 350
I. C. S. Results in India and in England 613
Ideals of Indian Art 347
“If the British Left India Tomorrow” 239
Ill-treatment of Alcali Prisoners 743
Imperial Press Conference in Australia and India 231
Increase in Divorce in U. S. A. 442
Indebtedness of Nadiad Bhangis 172
India and Italians 464
India and Italy—Prof. Carlo Formichi 707
India and Japan 364
India and Mysticism 80
India and the International Chamber of Commerce 738
India and the Protocol 609
India and the World 83
Indian Art vs. European—Dr. K. N. Sitaram 417
Indian Fruit for Germany 359
Indian Institute of Science 572
Indian Periodicals 73,170,345, 430, 571, 689
Indian Professional Actresses and Female Coolies in Fiji 255
Indian Society and its Renaissance 347
Indian Women in Industry 704
Indians in Burma 851
Indianisation of Islam 690
India’s Excise Revenue 116
India’s Gifts to England 111
India’s Man Power 579
India’s New Viceroy 626
Indology in Indian Universities 578
Intermediate Education in U. P. 574
Inter-Parliamentary Union and India 230
Introduction to “Letters from a Friend,” An 365
Is a Mother’s Business Child Culture or Housework? 90
it Murder
J. C. Bose’s Instruments 612
Jainas and Jainism 575
Jalpaiguri Tea Industry, The 693
Japanese Family Law, A 87
Japanese Love of Flowers 590
Japan’s Attitude towards China 696
Jute Substitute from Comerum, A 89
Kala-Azar in the U. P. 601
Kakori Train Dacoity Arrests 600
Kartabhaja and Maharaja Sects 480
Kenya Lowlands 245
Khyber Railway, The 730
Killing Plants and Killing Animals 81
King of the Belgians Certifies the Merits of British Rule in India, The 597
Large Families 363
Law Members, their Duties and Achievements 615
Lead and Mercury 583
Length of Life in the West 89
Letter-Boxes 575
Letters to a Friend—Rabindranath Tagore 1, 157, 288
Light on the Disturbances in China 193
Limits of University Expansion 253
Literature of Despair in the West 190
Living Long 360
Locarno Treaty, The 739
Lord Birkenhead at the Central Asian Society 236
Lord Birkenhead’s Great Condescension 430
Lord Birkenhead’s Statement in the Lords 241
Lord Meston on Women in India 249
Lord of Desires, The (a Story)—Seeta Devi 134
Lord Reading’s Viceroyalty 602
Lord Sinha and Sir F. Whyte 732
Line of old Books, The 88
Luther Burbank’s Expectation 580
Madras Hindu Samaj 739
Mahmud of Ghaznin’s Disservice to Islam 75
Maharaja ot Gwalior, The late 110
Mahatma Gandhi on Varnasrama 181
Making of Modern India, The—Politicus 315
Malabar Hill Murder Case and Government
Manure and the Yield of Paddy 70
Maratha Recovery After Panipat,The—(areview)—Prof. Jadunath Sarkar 69
Market Value of Bridegrooms, The
Materials for Modern Indian History
Material is Cash
Maternity Benefit Bill 472
Mauritus Report, The 580
Memoir of Old Delhi, A—C. F. Andrews 37, 138
Memory of Lok. Tilak, A (a poem)—Prof, J. J. Vakil 157
Milner’s Economic Memoranda 702
Mind and Morals of Anthropoid Apes 586
Mission of Polish Nationalism
Modern History and Political Power—Prof. M. Timur
Modern Nepal (Mlust)—Dr. Sureshchandra Das Gupta 195
Monsoon Allowances for Runners and Postmen 345
Moral Progress Resulting from Material Advance 189
More of the Same Material 250
Motions on Muddiman Committee’s Report 460
Muhammadanism must Be Suppressed—Major B. D. Basu 273
Mutual Relation of Youth and Age
Mysore Civil Service without the Steel Frame, The 234
Naidu’s Election to the Congress Presidentship, Mrs. 600
Nandalal Sen, The Late Bhai (Illust.) 744
Neo-Saiyeds and Neo-Mughals 175
New Asiatic Bill in South Africa 469
New outlook for Anglo-Indians, A 80
New Treatment of Leprosy 361
New Universities in England and India 228
News About Women 186
Next Economic Stage, The—Prof. Nalinaksha Sanyal 518
Nirvana and Rebirth 352
Noguchi, Dr. 583
Non-Partisan Elections 107
Not Quite unlike India 381
Notes (Illust.) 95, 220, 367, 456, 597, 725
Number of Women in India, The 695
Oldest Manuscript of the Adiparvan, The 738
On the Death of Mr. C. R. Das—Prof. Jadunath Sarkar 14
On Shakespeare—R. Rolland and Kalidas Nag 495,686
Opening of the Visva-bharati Session 114
Opium in Assam (Ilust.)—C. F. Andrews 511
Opium Question, The 482
Organisation of Scientific Work 728
Organise Communities at Least 692
Origin and Nature of External Capitals, The 618
Other Side of the Shield 220
Other Systems of Sums 85
Our Friend Joynson-Hicks 734
Our Insanitation 734
Our Rulers at Home (Illust.)—St. Nihal Singh 391, 641
Outlook for Western Civilisation, The 445
Page Case, The 740
Pages from the Diary of a Frenchman—N. C. Chaudhury 678
Palms as a Source of Sugar 347
Parentage of Lord Bacon 178
Paris Exhibitions, The—1925 and 1867 351
Passing of Queen Alexandra 135
Pathik and the Udaipur State, Mr. 108
Peace by Strengthening the Weak 697
Peace through International Education 82,180
Peary Mohon Deb Barma, The late Mr. (Illust.) 114
Persia of To-day 585
Pharisaism and the Gospels—Maheschandra Ghosh 165
Philippines Today, The (Illust.)—Dr. Sudhindra Bose 290
Phil Vay at Work i 443
Pindari Glacier, The (Illust.)—Begam Rusnar 528
Pitfalls of the Investigator of Indian History, The—Prof. Jadunath Sarkar 29
Place of Journalism in Society, The 372
Plight of the Japanese in California 227
Poet's License, The (an epigram)—C. F. Andrews 704
Political and Social Duty of the Indian Church 352
Political Prisoners in Berhampore Jail 107
Poona Seva-Sadan, The 746
Population of Hawaii, The 587
Port of Masulipatam, The 430
Position of Women in the Hindu Society—Ramaprasad Pandey 658
Possibilities of a Bone Product Industry in India, The 80
Possibilities of Sugar Beet 573
Post-graduate Reorganisation in the Calcutta University 258
Post Offices and Cleanliness 170
Premier’s Tribute to Mr. Wood, The (37
Preparing for Another War? 479
Presidential Address at the Bombay Liberal Conference 468
Prison Life 92
Problem before Ministers, A 76
Pro-Britishism in America 582
Prohibition and Drug Addiction 441
Prohibition for India 586
Prohibition to be Ultimate Policy of Govt. 449
Proposed Buddhist Mission House in England 696
Protection of Children in Bombay 82
Protest Meeting and Find of Arms 740
Public Health in China 701
Public Library in Education, The 185
Public Recreation and Crime 443
Punishment of Infanticide 432
Punjab Peasantry and Its Indebtedness, The—Sri Kishan 428
Punjab Tribute to Deshbandhu, A 107
“Queer. Orders” 78
Rabindranath Tagore and Italy 251
Rabindranath’s “Post Office” in Milan 365
Railway Boss of Indians’ Claims, A 118
Railway Risk and European Dutifulness 120
Racial Origin of Indian Mussalmans 578
Ralph Waldo Emerson I, II,—J. T. Sunderland 123, 279
Ranchi 571
Rationalism in Modern Islam 625
Real Value of a Picture, The 574
Reasons for Dissatisfaction with the Reform Scheme 103
Reconstruction of Indian Taxation, The 693
Red Indian Civilisation 2000 Years Ago 183
Reforms and 1929 122
Responsibility of Awakened Young Asia 607
Repudiation of the Charge of Being an Agent Provocatieur (com. and crit.)—K. C. Biswas 72
Result of Calcutta University Deputatation to the Governor 470
Reverence for the Young 580
“Reverse Councils” Again 746
Reviews aud Notices of Books—M.
C. Ghosh, A. C., P. Seshadri, R.
C. Bonnerjee, K. M. J., V. G. Apte,
etc. 66, 211, 321, 483, 582, 669
Riffs, The 108
Rites of Blood—C. F. Andrews 415
River-front, Benares, The (Illust.)—Prof. P. Seshadri 299, 519
Root Cause of Chinese Disturbances 258
Rural Economic Enquiry, A 256
Russian Art in Calcutta 128
Russian Peasants and Bolshevism 702
Salaries in Japan 95
Saradaranjan Ray, The Late Principal (Illust.) 742
Scheme for Securing World Peace, A—Elma 547
Scheme of Economic Development for Young India, A—Benoykumar Sarkar 17
Science and Modern Warfare 226
Scindi Breed of Cattle, The 573
Self-Confidence 695
Self-Determination 109
“Self-Govt, of India” 465
Serious Defect of the Reform Scheme, A 234
Servants of India Society, The 117
Settlement of Indian Farmers in Kenya (com. and crit.)—Norman Leys 676
Sex in Children
Shakespeare in India
Shopping in Peking
Significance of the Study of Upanishads, The
Sindh Hindus
Slavery in British Africa
Smoking and Eating Opium
Sobriety and Industry
Social Conditions in the Upanishadic Age
Social Welfare Works in Japan
Some Aspects of the Population in India—Dr. Taraknath Das
Some European Emigrants
Some Pictures of the Japanese Spirit
Some Publications used for Missionary Education
Some Stateless Persons in the U.S.A.—Dr. Taraknath -Das
Song in Spring A (a Poem) —Prof. J. J. Vakil
South African Indian Hero, A
South African Land Policy
Split in the Swaraj Party
Spread of Education in Japan
Stapleton on Anthropology, Mr.
Stapelton on Anthropology, Mr. (com. and crit.)—D.L.M
State of the Calcutta University—R. D. Banerji
“Stateless Persons”
Sten Konow on India of Today (com. and crit.)—Sten Konow
Steps Toward Conquest of Leprosy (Illust.)
Story of Darwin, The: His Influence on Modern Thought—J.T. Sunderland
Strange Odyssey of Count Keyserling, The
Striving for Swaraj—Rabindranath Tagore 681
Study of Buddhism in Japan
Study of History, The 182
Study of Sanskrit and Pali in Japan 188
Style 349
Surendranath Banerjea Sir. (Illust.) 373
Surendranath Banerjea’s Oratory 312
Sushil Kumar Rudra (Illust.) 232
Swaraj under Slave Mentality 381
Sweden, Land of Democracy 361
Sylvan Levi’s Classification of Civilisation 446
Tagore and His Ideal—F. Beniot 706
Tagore’s Cable to Mussolini 742
Tambe’ Council Entry Extension Move, Mr. 326
Taxation and Spending of Taxes in India 357
Teaching of American History in British Universities 231
Telepathy 35s
Temple University, A 46
Tendencies of Thought in the Present Age ; 85
Tennessee Trial, The (com. and crit.)— R. I. Wahid
Textile Workers in Calcutta, Dundee and Bombay 396
Thakore Shabeb of Gondal ( 89
“The Catholic Herald of India” 735
“The Only Living Religion” 224
“The Poet and the Charkha” 725
“The Review of Reviews” as an Index of British Interest in India 236
The River Front, Benares (Illust.) P. Seshadri 299 519
“The Skeleton” 76
“The Times” on the Calcutta University 253
“The White Man’s Burden” 701
Three Ideas on Education—Har Dayal 635
Tide of Foreign Students in America 225
To Friends of the late Sris Chandra Vasu 632
Toll Levied by the War, The (Illust.)—St. Nihal Singh 627
Tolstoy’s Masterpiece 573
Tory Threats to An Awakened Orient—Mary K. Morse 424
Tragedy of the Russian Intelligentsia, The—Emma Goldmann 533
Treatment of Criminals in England 4J2
Treatment of Political Prisoners K>7
Treaty Ports in China 4^4
Triumph and Akali Heroism, The 2C7
Tyranny of Bolshevik Dictatorship, The 7&
Unification Under British Rule 739
United States as Creditor, The 86
United States of Europe, A 185
Universities and Compulsory Military Training 75
University Ethiopians, The 440
University Expenditure in Madras Presidency 698
University Unions 347
Unknown Beloved the (a Poem)—E. B. Speight 712
Unvoiced Life, The (Illust.)—Sir J. C. Bose 713
Upanishads- Translated into Japanese 624
Vaikom Temple Roads 110
Vegetarian Athletes 122
Venereal Diseases and Infant Mortality 435
Vernacular in University Examinadons, The 472
Veterinary Education 175
Vice of Self-Deification, The 586
Viceroy’s Opening Speech, The 379
Victor and Vanquished—R. Rolland and Kalidas Nag 383
Victor Jacquemont on India 662
Victory, The, (a Story) Seeta Devi 499
Visva-bharati and Prof. C. Eormichi, The (Illust.)—Prof. Kalidas Nag 710
Voracity of Fish, The 189
Vratyas, The 348
Western Civilisation and Struggle for Existence 76
Western Powers and Islam, The 438
What Buddhists are Doing in Japan 187
What Japan owes to India 482, 589
What Newspapers to Read 481
What to Do 246
Who are Responsible for Juvenile Crime? 89
Why are the England-Returned Anti-English? 250
Why Gospel of Love is not Effective 183
Why Prisons? 92
Why the British Dominate Middle Asia—St. Nihal Singh 525
Why Women Read Novels 359
Wicked Prodigality Abroad 356
Widow Marriage in India 464
Widow Remarriage and Vidyasagar Anniversary 114
Widow Remarriage Conference, A 620
William J. Bryan 473
Will the British Empire Succumb to the Hatred of Asia 614
Will there be Modern Buddhist Saint 7S
Women in Science 86
Women-Movement, The - Sonya Ruth Das 144
Wood Distillation at Bhadravati 436

Work and Wages of Postal Employees 695
Page:The Modern Review (July-December 1925).pdf/9 Page:The Modern Review (July-December 1925).pdf/10


Agnes Smedley— Germany’s Artist of Social Misery {Illust) 148 Andrews, C. F— Earl Ronaldshay on Aryavarta (aReview) 12 A Memoir of Old Delhi 37, 138 The East African Commission Report 260 Rites of Blood 415 Opinm in Assam (Illust.) 511 The Poet’s License (a Poem) 704

Banerji R. D.
The Constitution of the Post-graduate Depts. of the Calcutta University 339
State of the Calcutta University 398

Basu, B. D. Major— “Muhammadanism must be Supressed” 273 Effects of Tea as an article of Diet 397 Ciiristianisation of India 552 Begum Husnara— / ’ The Pindari Glacier {Illust.) 528 -"^Benoit, F.— Tagore and His Ideal 706 Benoy Kumar Sarkar— A Scheme of Economic Development for Young India 17 Economic Legislation in the Small Holdings Movement 515 Brajendranath Banerji— Administration and Policy of Begum Samru 55 Begum Samru’s Possession {IUust.) 308 Carlo Formiehi, Prof.— India and Italy 707 Chandhuri, N. C.— Rai Gunakar Bharatchandra Ray 505 Pages from the Diary of a Frenchman 678 Dharmasila Jayaswal— “Dufa-Yakyam” or Envoy’s Declaration 665 Emma Goldmann— The Tragedy of the Russian Intelli­ gentsia 523 Gtsgg, R. B.— Aspects of Spiritual and Moral Beauty in Charka and Khaddar 560 S: Hardayal— The Buddha Gaya Temple 130 Three Ideas on Education 635

Jadunath Sarker Prof.—
On the Death of Mr. C. R. Das 14
The Pitfalls of the Investigator of Indian History 29
The Calcutta University Today - 488
The.Maharatha Recovery after Panipath 700
The Calcutta University and Reform 8

Reviews, Notes ■ete. J. C. Bose, Sir— The Unvoiced Life {IUust) 7 Jyotiswarup Gupta— Children Protection Bill 2 f Kalidas Nag, Dr.— 162, 3 t Carl Spittler Yictor and Vanquished 3 £ On Shakespeare 495, 6! 6 Visva-bharati and Prof. 0. Formiehi (Ilhist.) 7 0 Kibe, M. Y. Sardar, Dr — The Growing Democracy and the Indian States 5c / K. N. Siiaram, Dr— Indian Art vs. European 417 Lohokare K. G.— Exchange Problem of India 20 ! Maheshchandra Ghosh— Pharisaism and the Gospels 50, 16 Reviews etc. Mary K. Morse— Tory Threats to an Awakened Orient. 42 Mukherji, S. C.,— The Bengali Stage 33Nalinaksha Sanyal, Prof.— The Next Economic Stage ==- 518 Patel, N. D — Ducks, Civilisation and the Hindus 422

Rabindranath Tagore
Letters to a friend 1, 157, 288
The Cult of the Charka 263
Striving for Swaraj 681

Radhakamal Mukherji, Dr. Prof.— Agriculture and Agrarian Pro­ blem in Bengal 538 Ramaprasad Panday— Position of Women in the Hiudu Society _ 658 Romain Rolland— Carl Spittler 162, 336 Yictor and Vanquished 383 On Shakspeare 495, 686 St. Nihal Singh— Our Rulers at Home {Illust.) .391, 641 Why the British Dominate Middle Asia ' • 525 The Toll Levied by the War {Illust) 627 Page:The Modern Review (July-December 1925).pdf/12 Page:The Modern Review (July-December 1925).pdf/13

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