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PENN, Richard (c.1735-1811). A British colonial Governor in America, born in England. He was a grandson of William Penn, and was educated at Saint John's College, Cambridge. He began the study of law, but went to Pennsylvania in 1763, became a member of the Council in 1764, and remained, probably, until 1769. When his brother John, who was Lieutenant-Governor, returned to England in 1771, Richard was sent out in his stead, and served until August, 1773. He was very popular with both colonists and Indians. With Arthur Lee he carried the petition of the Congress to England. When examined before the House of Lords as to the ability and disposition of the colonists to resist the acts of Parliament, he was sharply reproved by the Ministers for his obvious sympathy with resistance. From 1784 until 1809, he represented various boroughs in Parliament.