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Slidell (slī-dĕl'), John, an American lawyer and politician, was born in New York City about 1793, and died at London, England, July 29, 1871. After graduating at Columbia College, he studied law, and, removing to New Orleans practiced there and became a leader in Louisiana politics. From 1842 to 1845 he served in Congress as a state-rights Democrat. From 1853 to 1861 he was a member of the United States senate, and in the Civil War, when Louisiana seceded, he withdrew and was appointed Confederate minister to France. In company with James M. Mason, who was named minister to England, both were taken on the high seas by Captain Wilkes of the United States navy and brought as prisoners to the United States, where they were confined in Fort Warren. On the demand of England they were released, however, and proceeded on their respective missions. In France, aided by the sympathy of Napoleon III for the Confederate government, Mr. Slidell, though unable to secure recognition for his government, procured a ship, the Stonewall, for the Confederacy, and negotiated with French capitalists for a loan of $15,000,000. After the war closed, Mr. Slidell settled in England and resided there until his death.

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