The New Student's Reference Work/Vol I/Partial List of Contributors

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Hon. F. D. Coburn,

For twenty years Secretary of Agriculture, Kan.

C. A. McMurry, Ph.D.,

Professor of Psychology and Education
State Normal School, De Kalb, Ill.

E. N. Henderson, Ph.D.,

Professor in Philosophy of Education,
Adelphi College, Brooklyn.

Edward C. Elliot, Ph.D.,

Professor in Education,
University of Wisconsin.

Henry Suzzallo, Ph.D.,

Professor in Philosophy of Education,
Teachers College, Columbia University.

T. D. Wood, A.M., M.D.,

Professor of Physical Education,
Teachers College, Columbia University.

B. R. Simpson, Ph.D.,

Teacher of Psychology,
Training School for Teachers, Brooklyn.

C. H. Robison, A.M.,

Professor of Science, State Normal School,
Montclair, N. J.

Percival R. Cole, Ph.D.,

Vice-principal Sidney Teachers College
New South Wales, Australia.

Percy Hughes, Ph.D.,

Professor of Philosophy,
Lehigh University.

A. R. Taylor, Ph.D., LL.D.,

President Decatur College
Decatur, Ill.

George William Eggers,

Professor of Graphic Arts,
Chicago, Teachers College.

Miss Emma M. Church,

Director School of Applied and Normal Art,

Frank Evans,

Superintendent City Schools,
Spartanburg, S. C.

Mrs. A. S. Hall,

Instructor Academy of Fine Arts,

Katherine L. Craig,

Author of Craig's Primary Geography,
and Ex-State Superintendent Public In-
struction, Colorado.

Charles H. Farnsworth,

Professor in Music,
Teachers College, Columbia University.

Charles H. Albert, A.B.,

State Normal School,
Bloomsburg, Pa.

Calvin Brainard Cady,

Principal School of Music-Education,
Boston, Mass.

Thomas C. Miller,

Principal Shepherd College, State Normal
School, and
Ex-State Superintendent of Schools,
West Virginia.

H. E. Bard, A.M.,

El Ministerio de Justicia, Instruccion y Culto,
Lima, Peru.

Katherine Pope,

Research Specialist.

Mrs. Eleanor Atkinson,

Author of The Boyhood of Lincoln,
Greyfriar's Bobby, etc.

W. H. Aitken,

Manager Monotype Department,
The Franklin Company, Chicago.

E. E. Giltner,

Instructor Training School for Teachers,
New York City.

Hon. W. W. Stetson,

Former State Superintendent of Schools,

Miss Alice Wessa, B. S.,

Head Department of Geography, State Normal
School, Buffalo; formerly
Instructor Hebrew Training School for
Girls, New York City.

Charles G. Wetherbee,

Prince School,

Clyde Furst, A.M.,

Secretary Teachers College,
Columbia University.

J. J. Doyne,

President State Normal School,
Conway, Ark., and
Ex-State Superintendent of Public Instruction,

B. B. Burritt, A.M.,

Director Department of Social Welfare, New
York Association for Improving the Cond-
ition of the Poor; formerly of the
Teachers College, Columbia University.

Warren Upham,

Secretary Minnesota Historical Society.

Charles D. Hine,

Secretary State Board of Education,

Malcolm McDowell,

Director of Publicity, Southern Settlement and
Development Company,
Formerly Secretary Central Trust Company
of Illinois,

Edward Hyat,

State Superintendent of Public Instruction,

Frederic Perry Noble, Ph.D.,

Author The Redemption of Africa.

James H. Fuqua, Sr., A.M., LL.D.,

Professor in Mathematics Bethel College,
and Ex-State Superintendent of Public In-
struction, Kentucky.

Robert W. Wood, A.B.,

Professor of Experimental Physics
Johns Hopkins University.

William Paxton Burris, A. M.,

Dean of Teachers College,
University of Cincinnati.

Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston, G. C. M. G.;
K. C. B.,

British Administrator, Explorer and Author.