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John J. Crane, M. D.  (1890) 

The New York Times, March 5, 1890, Wednesday. page 5


Dr. John J. Crane died yesterday at his residence, "Ivy Nook," near Lake Whitney, Connecticut, in his seventieth year. A severe cold, lasting two weeks, aggravated an old complaint (diabetes) and brought about his death. Dr. Crane was a native of Middletown, Conn., and a graduate of Princeton College. For thirty years he practiced medicine in this city. Long before his retirement he was recognized as one of the most eminent and skillful physicians in New York. His annual income at the time when he relinquished his practice was very large.

For the last fifteen years Dr. Crane lived quietly at "Ivy Nook." save while traveling in Europe. His second wife was Mrs. Caroline Suydan, widow of Ferdinand Suydan, and a daughter of Eli Whitney. "Ivy Nook," their residence, is one of the most elegantly laid-out homes in this country. The combined wealth of Dr. and Mrs. Crane is not less than $6,000,000.

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