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The Origins of Statics  (1906) 
by Pierre Duhem, translated from French by Wikisource
Vol. 1, 1905; Vol. 2, 1906. The first four chapters, which comprise the article "The Origins of Statics" from the Revue des Questions Scientifiques, Vol. 54, October 1903, pp. 462-516, are proofread.
CHAPTER I: Aristotle and Archimedes (384-322 and 287-212 B.C.)
CHAPTER II: Leonardo da Vinci (1451-1519)
CHAPTER III: Jérôme Cardan (1501-1575)
CHAPTER IV: The Impossibility of Perpetual Motion
CHAPTER V: The Alexandrine Sources of the Statics of the Middle Ages
CHAPTER VI: Statics of the Middle Ages. Jordanus de Nemore