The Pilgrims' March/Mahatma Gandhi's Message

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The following message was sent by Mahatma Gandhi from Waltair:—

Maulana Mohamed AH was arrested at Waltair under sections 107 and 108 to be called upon to give security, to be of good behaviour for one year. The place and date of trial is unknown.

The Begum Saheba and Mr. Hayat were permitted to see him after arrest.

He and I were going to address a meeting outside the station. He was arrested. I continued going to the meeting and addressed them. There is no cause for sorrow, but every cause for congratulation. There should be no hartal. Perfect peace and calmness should be observed. I regard the arrest as a prelude to Swaraj and the redress of the Khilafat and the Punjab wrongs, if we can remain non-violent. Retain Hindu-Muslim Unity despite the madness of some Moplahs, and fulfil the Swadeshi programme.

I hope every Indian, man or woman, will completely boycott foreign cloth and take up spinning or weaving during every spare minute.

By striving like the Maulana, be insistent on religious and national rights.

Let us earn imprisonment. I am conscious of the Maulana's innocence and I am sure the imprisonment of the innocent will enable the nation to reach the cherished goal.

The Maulana was quite calm. So is the Begum Saheba. She accompanies me during the travel. So does Maulana Azad Sobhani.