The Pilgrims' March/Moulana Mahomed Ali

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On the eve of his arrest my loving and beloved chief Maulana Mahomed Ali ordered me to convey the following message from him to his Hindu and Muslim friends and admirers in the country:

“Whosoever has any love or regard for me must take my arrest in a calm and peaceful spirit and give expression to that love and regard in two and only two ways. First by contributing all that a Mussalman possibly can towards the Smyrna Relief and Angora Munitions Fund; and, secondly, to discard all foreign clothes and wear pure Swadeshi. I trust my arrest will give greater courage and hope to my friends and followers^ who, I expect, would carry on the programme of non-violent non-co-operation with tenfold zeal, energy and firmness, undeterred by fear of repression but hopeful of God Almighty's choicest blessings in this righteous cause. Insha Allah! victory is ours and is in sight.”

(Sd.) H. M. HAYAT,

Private Secretary.