The Undying Race

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<poem> HERE in the narrow broken way

 Where silently we go. 

Steadfast above their valiant clay

 Forgotten crosses show. 

Our whispers call to many a ghost

 Across the flare-light pale, 

And from their graves the Breton host

 Stand up beside the Gael. 

Year upon year of ancient sleep

 Have rusted on our swords, 

But once again our place we keep

 Against the Saxon hordes. 

Since Arthur ruled in Brittany,

 And all the world was new. 

The fires that burned our history,

 Bum in our spirits too. 

One speech beyond their memory

 Binds us together still, 

One dream of home wherein we see

 River and sea and hill. 

When in the night-time Fingal's peers

 Fight their old wars again, 

The blood of twice two thousand years

 Leaps high in every vein. 

Old songs that waked King Arthur's knights

 Stir in our memory yet. 

Old tales of olden heroes fights

 That we cannot forget, 

To die as Fingal's warriors died

 The great men long ago, 

Breton and Gael stand side by side

 Against the ancient foe. 

La Boisselle, 1915