Newes from the Dead/Thou Pill too strong for fate!

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THou Pill too strong for fate! in whose defence
Mira'cles stept in to rescue innocence.
Death was thy Ordeall, and Compurgatrix
And Minos did thy Judges doome refix.
Thou didst bring forth in riddles, so surviv'st.
By giving breath thou Kild'st,by dying liv'st.
Thy rude spawns fleeting soule did sure retire
To thee the Damme, as a reserve entire,
Giving thee second life, when thine was done
Thou wert thine owne superfetation.
Strange fruit o'th' cursed and the barren Tree
That madst the Hangman practice Midwifery,
Nature new hatchd thee, as first Men, who tooke
Birth from harsh Entrals of a Vitall Oak,
One of the Daughters of Deucalion
Thou wakest from thy Tomb, as they from stone.

Fr. Withins Gen. Com. of. S. Johns.