Thought and Space

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Space—thy boundaries are
    Time and time alone.
No earth-born rocket,
    seedling skyward sown,
Will ever reach your cold,
    infinite end,
This power is not Man's to
    build or send.
Great deities laugh down,
    venting their mirth,
At struggling bipeds on
    a cloud-wrapped Earth,
Chained solid on a war-swept,
    waning globe,
For FATE, who witnesses,
    to pry and probe.
BUT LIST! One weapon have
    I stronger yet!
Prepare Infinity! And
    Gods regret!
Thought, quick as light,
    shall pierce the veil,
To reach the lost beginnings
    Holy Grail.
Across the sullen void on
    soundless trail,
Where new spawned suns and
    chilling planets wail,
One thought shall travel
    midst the gods' playthings,
Past cindered globes where
    choking flame still sings.
No wall of force yet have ye
    firmly wrought,
That chains the supreme
    strength of purest thought.
Unleashed, without a body's
    slacking hold,
Thought leaves the ancient
    Earth behind to mold.
And when the galaxies have
    heeded DEATH,
And welcomed lastly SPACE'S
    poisoned breath,
Still shall thought travel
    as an arrow flown.
SPACE—thy boundaries are

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