Translation:Exhortation of Wuhan Public Security Bureau Wuchang Branch Zhongnan Road Street Police Station

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Letter of Admonition by Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau Wuchang Branch Bureau Zhongnan Road Street Police Station  (2020) 
Zhongnan Road Street Police Station, Wuchang District Branch Bureau, Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau, translated from Chinese by Wikisource
3 January 2020 letter of admonition to Dr. Li Wenliang

Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau Wuchang Branch Bureau Zhongnan Road Street Police Station

Letter of Exhortation

Wu Gong (Zhong) Character (20200103)

Admonished Li Wenliang Gender Male Birth Date 19861012

ID type and number 21 

Current address (place of residence)  , Wuchang District, Wuhan City

Employer Central Hospital of Wuhan

Illegal behavior (time, place, participants, number of people, what problems are reflected, consequences, etc.)

Posting untrue statement "7 SARS cases confirmed at Wuhan Huanan Fruit and Seafood Market" on the WeChat Group "Wuhan University Clinical Class of 2004" on Dec 30, 2019.

[We are] now filing an official warning and admonitions to you on the illegal issue of posting untrue statements on the Internet according to the law. Your behavior severely disrupted social order. Your behavior had exceeded the scope permitted by the law and violates the relevant provisions of the Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China, which was an illegal act!

The public security organ hopes that you can cooperate with our work, listen to the admonishment by the police officers and stop conducting illegal activities. Are you able to do that?

Answer: Able.

We advise you to calm down and reflect carefully. We sternly warn you: if you are stubborn, do not show repentance, and continue to conduct illegal activities, you will be punished by the law! Do you understand?

Answer: Understand.

Admonished: Li Wenliang January 3, 2020

Admonitioner: Hu Guifang, Xu Jinhang Employer: Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Wuchang District Branch Bureau, Zhongnan Road Street Zhongnan Road Police Station, seal

January 3, 2020

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