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TURLE, HENRY FREDERIC (1835–1883), editor of ‘Notes and Queries,’ was fourth son of James Turle [q. v.], organist of Westminster Abbey, and was born in York Road, Lambeth, on 23 July 1835. The family went in September 1841 to live in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey, and on 31 March 1845 Henry was admitted as a chorister at Westminster school. Owing to delicate health, he spent from Christmas 1848 to the autumn of 1850 at the school of George Roberts (d. 1860) [q. v.] at Lyme Regis. He was readmitted at Westminster on 3 Oct. 1850.

From 1856 to 1863 Turle was a temporary clerk in that branch of the war office which was stationed at the Tower of London. In 1870 he became assistant to William John Thoms [q. v.], the founder and editor of ‘Notes and Queries.’ In 1872, when John Doran [q. v.] succeeded Thoms, Turle retained the position of sub-editor, and on Doran's death in 1878 he became editor.

Under Turle's editorship ‘Notes and Queries’ preserved its reputation for accuracy of knowledge and for varied interest. He was always fond of archæology, and especially of church architecture. With the associations of Westminster Abbey and the school attached to it, he was thoroughly imbued. He was busy at work until his sudden death, from heart disease, on 28 June 1883, in his rooms at Lancaster House, The Savoy, London. He was buried on 3 July in the family grave in Norwood cemetery. He is commemorated in the tablet which was placed to the memory of his parents on the wall of the west cloister of Westminster Abbey.

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