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Todo: (If Someone Else Doesn't Get to Them First)[edit]

Weird Authors[edit]

Robert E. Howard

H. P. Lovecraft

Clark Ashton Smith

- Recommended by Boyd Pearson on The Eldritch Dark

Algernon Blackwood

Lord Dunsany

Non-Weird Authors[edit]

Herman Melville

On Copyright[edit]

"Fair use under the U.S. Copyright Act is generally broader and more flexible than the copyright exceptions in other countries, including fair dealing in the U.K. Thus, the scanning of a library of books might not be permitted under the copyright laws of most other countries. However, copyright law is territorial; that is, one infringes the copyright laws of a particular country only with respect to acts of infringement that occurred in that country. Since Google presumably will be scanning the books in the United States, the only relevant law with respect to the scanning is U.S. copyright law. Nonetheless, the search results will be viewable in other countries. This means that Google’s distribution of a few sentences from a book to a user in another country must be analyzed under that country’s copyright laws. (Google arguably is causing a copy of the sentences to be made in the random access memory of the user’s computer.) While the copyright laws of most countries might not be so generous as to allow the reproduction of an entire book, almost all copyright laws do permit short quotations. These exceptions for quotations should be sufficient to protect Google’s transmission of Library Project search results to users."

The Google Print Library Project: A Copyright Analysis
Jonathan Band1